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Precautions in the use of the leg massager

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The benefits of leg massage is very much, for different people, the benefits of massage legs are also different, what are the specific benefits? I tell you what is the role of massage legs, leg meridian massage precautions and how to do leg massage. 

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Massage legs role


1. thin legs


Legs are too thick to wear what is more ugly, women like slender legs, more and more people are used to leg massage to their legs, massage legs can often promote blood circulation to prevent the accumulation of fat, on thin legs is very effective.


2. improve immunity


Now both men and women, young and old, the usual body temperature below 36 degrees Celsius is increasing. Previously thought that the body temperature is too low susceptible to disease, modern medicine believes that as long as the body temperature drops one degree body immunity will be reduced by 30%, the body's metabolic capacity will also be reduced by 10% than the normal body temperature. It makes the body worse, hurts here and there, and also makes the muscles loose, and hair loss and other problems. It's easy to get the blood flowing smoothly inside your body to make it warmer, just massage your calves every day. This can regulate the autonomic nerves and effectively improve the body's immune system.

Leg meridian massage precautions


1. do a good job before the massage preparation. For example, trim your nails, wash your hands, remove the ring, etc.


2. the massage is best carried out directly on the skin, such as open air too cold, can also be carried out through the clothes, while paying attention to keep warm.


3. 2 hours after the meal and then massage, the best effect, excessive hunger or overeating are not suitable for self-massage leg massage there are taboos, techniques, methods full analysis of leg massage taboos, methods, techniques.


4. to focus on the force to be even, the temple, legs can be a little harder; abdomen, waist force to be appropriate, so as not to damage the viscera.


5. women in menstruation, pregnancy, 1 month after childbirth, do not do massage, especially waist and abdominal massage is absolutely prohibited.


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6. suffering from visceral organ disease, malignant tumors, infectious, septic diseases, such as plastic surgery, burns, skin diseases, varicose veins or thrombophlebitis, tuberculous arthritis and other diseases of obese people should not use massage to lose weight.


7. self-massage is important to adhere to, the initial massage for weight loss, there will be body aches and pains, but as long as you persist, the aches and pains will disappear.


8. such as panic, nausea and bruises and other symptoms, should immediately stop massage, rest a few days, in reducing the strength, correct the massage technique and then continue.


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