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Reveal the seven functions of the massage belt

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Massage belt, its internal massage ball, the use of this belt can relax the muscles, reduce muscle pain, improve immunity, promote blood circulation and metabolism, favored by many consumers. Here we take a look at the massage belt what are the functions?

massage belt

1, to help eliminate the back, arms, waist, abdomen, hips, thighs, calves seven parts of excess fat.

2, to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, to help clean up the intestinal tract of feces, improve constipation, while effectively blocking grease, to detoxification, slimming, skin care effect.

3, Tighten the sagging skin layer, making the skin more taut and elastic.

4, Promote blood circulation and clean up the fat in blood vessels.

5, Soothe neurasthenia and release mental tension.

6, physical therapy health care dumping fat, treatment of chronic diseases.

7, strong internal organs, enhance the overall resistance to disease. And reduce the production of lactic acid, eliminate back pain and relieve fatigue.

massage belt

This product is driven by the massage roller whole body coordinated movement, involving the whole body in many parts of the muscles, bones, and focus on the head and neck, shoulders and back, limbs to produce massage effect. Autonomous movement mode, the use of simple methods to facilitate the user to master the speed and strength of the self-control wheel according to their own circumstances. Strong stimulation, massage rollers are five-star, and pairs of independent rotation. Stimulation point distribution is dense and wide, consisting of 12 pairs of five-star-shaped massage rollers, to ensure the stimulation of the body surface, can play the whole body massage.

Massage belt is suitable for neck, shoulder and back rehabilitation exercise, through stretching massage exercise both to achieve the active coordination of neck, shoulder and back muscles and bones exercise, while the massage belt using the tooth-shaped massage wheel can be controlled according to individual circumstances to achieve a comfortable massage strength.

Massage back can prevent and control stroke, headache, red eyes, back pain, cervical spondylosis, lumbar muscle strain, muscle fibrositis, frozen shoulder, arthritis, hemorrhoids, enuresis, numbness of hands and feet, etc. The use of massage belt combined with the massage of the bottom of the foot, can regulate the functions of the organs of the whole body, the treatment of hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, lumbar and leg pain are helpful, in addition, can also play a benefit to the essence of the kidney, delaying the effects of aging.


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