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The benefits of regular body tapping with a massage hammer(1)

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The meridians in the human body are everywhere and can be said to have a close connection with our whole body, so the meridians in our body actually occupy a more important position, because the meridians are good maintenance effect will be better, if often encounter the meridians, the body will have greater benefits.

Sitting or standing nothing, we can choose to knock on the body, of course, knocking parts to pay attention to, choose some points can effectively open meridians, long-term persistence will see the benefits of meridian hammer knocking. Usually we can do some simple tapping action, such as the outside of the arm, from top to bottom to knock on the liver meridians; also, the stomach meridian is also a more convenient part of the knocking.

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What meridians can be detoxified by tapping

Do not simply think that there is only one meridian, in fact, there are many meridians, want to detoxify the body, you can try tapping the following meridians is a very good choice.

Three jiao meridian

Many people have heard of the three jiao meridians, but people do not know the origin and location of the meridians, in fact, as long as they understand it will know. The main reason why this meridian is called Sanjiao meridian is that it starts at the Silhouette point where the crow's feet grow at the corners of the eyes and ends between the ring fingers.

As long as the regular tapping on the meridian can have the effect of detoxification, it has this role in addition to the role of improving the body's immunity. It has these effects mainly because the Sanjiao meridian is the overall commander of the body's health functions, and it allows the organs of the body to cooperate smoothly, which is simply equivalent to the lymphatic system.

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The time of its own operation is usually in the evening, that is, between nine and eleven o'clock in the evening, in this period of time tapping San Jiao Jing is good, but reminded that before tapping San Jiao Jing good to drink less water, because it is also in charge of this body water running, if too much water in the body, the next morning when people wake up will certainly appear edema phenomenon, especially around the eyes will look swollen.


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