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The benefits of regular body tapping with a massage hammer(2)

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The benefits of meridian hammering

Stomach meridian

If you look closely at a person's complexion, you will find that everyone's complexion is different, but most people have a pale and yellow complexion, which can indicate abnormalities in their stomach and the presence of more toxins in their bodies. The body has these conditions, it is recommended that you can properly tap the stomach meridian, because the meridian has the effect of stomach detoxification.

The location of the stomach meridian is actually very easy to find, as long as it starts from under the collarbone, along the chest, across the abdomen, to the front of the legs, and ends between the toes of the fourth toe, so it is easy to find it. If you want to tap the meridian for stomach preservation and detoxification, the time period for tapping is also important, well between seven and nine in the morning, as long as a long time to adhere to the body is bound to be beneficial.

In fact, facial abnormalities mostly have a greater relationship with their own stomach, if the face is gray, yellow, or the face suddenly appear more wrinkles, do not simply think that this is a sign of facial aging, because it is likely to be caused by the deficiency of qi and blood of the stomach meridian. For this phenomenon, simply tapping the stomach meridian properly can improve facial problems, while the skin will also become smooth and elastic.

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Benefits of Meridian Hammer Tapping

Lung meridian

The lungs are an important organ of the human body, people know, but for the lung meridian is not heard of, in fact, it is also a meridian, as long as the usual leisure time to tap on it, not only has a health effect on the lungs, but also has the role of expelling toxins from the lungs, you may wish to try.

The importance of the lung meridian is well known, but the specific location of the meridian where many people do not know, in fact, as long as a straight line from the shoulder blade depression, along the inside of the arm, to the inner end of the thumb stop, so it is easy to find where it is located.

There are also rules for tapping the meridian, which should be done between 3:00 and 5:00 in the morning, as this is the time when it operates.

The main reason why it has this effect is because the water runs through the lung meridian to the dermis so that the skin can drink enough water and become hydrated.

massage hammer

Regular use of meridian hammer knocking meridians is to make the body's meridians more fluid and can also make the body's skin better long-term adherence to knocking meridians will make the stomach lungs and other better, so the meridian knocking is actually very important for people and adhere to knocking meridians will get better detoxification effect so we must adhere to.


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