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The correct use of massage belt

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Massage belt, involving massage apparatus, with a massage ball, at least two massage ball freely installed in the soft body bag body, the massage ball in the bag body in a free state, the bag body ends are provided with elastic bands, elastic bands corresponding to a mutual buckle knot buckle, the massage ball can be placed in the middle of the bag body, the bag body tied in the waist or seat back, sitting on the seat body relying on the seat back, can Self-massage waist, can also be tied in other parts of the back, after the adjustment of the massage ball, sitting on the chair body relying on the backrest of the chair or lying on the bed, relying on the pressure of the body

massage belt

So that the massage ball on the massage parts of self-help massage, you can also place the massage ball in one end of the bag body, the other end of the portable bag body, you can pat the body ministries points, simple structure, low cost, easy to use, suitable for massage waist and back and patting the various points of the body.

Massage belt can achieve the role of weight loss, by many lazy people like, but this massage belt for weight loss is not very useful, and the use of the time must be particularly careful, not to use for a long time, or there will be side effects, the following to introduce you to the massage belt morning and evening use, want to understand the people follow me to take a look at it.

Massage belt has three patches, two are oval, a square, one side is black, one side is yellow checkered, square patches need to be affixed to the middle of the belt white box location, stick before the black transparent plastic to tear off, oval patches need to be affixed to both sides of the belt location, do not tear down the plastic film discarded, after use, but also need to stick it back to the original place.


Align the square silicone patch to their belly button parts, oval paste on both sides, the belt close to the waist skin above, do not use across the clothes, and then the belt pulled tight, the two sides of the devil paste sticky on it, if the waist is thicker, you can use the extension belt, want to massage other parts, as long as it is tied to the appropriate place can be.


massage belt

If you use the massage belt need to install the battery or plug power, you should peel off the battery cover, the battery into it, if it is plugged into the power supply is more convenient, direct power plugged into the socket can be, after the massage is over, you should choose to stop working button, the patch stick on and then take it down again, put it inside the original box, save clean.


Above to introduce you is the massage belt morning and evening use, now you should also know it, the product will have instructions, but also in accordance with the instructions to use, after all, each person purchased the product is not the same, the correct use to achieve a good effect, the use of incorrect methods or use too long, will only hurt their bodies.


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