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The difference between fascial gun amplitude 10mm and 12mm

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First of all, the gap is definitely there, but how big the gap is also depends on the person. The miscellaneous fascia guns on the market are generally not marked with the amplitude depth in their parameters as standard, even if they are marked, but the actual experience of using them is not friendly. The feeling is that the fascia gun is the same as the general vibration massage equipment, there is no difference. This is one of the reasons why most people feel useless after choosing a miscellaneous/branded fascia gun.

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If you are really a "jerk" enthusiast, in the choice of fascia gun parameters, 12mm amplitude depth is definitely the best choice, if you are only the usual relaxation, 10mm amplitude of fascia gun is also a good choice.


Here are a few guidelines to avoid the pit when looking at the configuration of the fascia gun parameters.


1. the fascia gun in the choice of gear should not be too many gears


Too many gears, is one of the recent domestic fascia gun in order to achieve a certain gimmick effect added by the flashy means, the regular fascia gun gears in 3 ~ 5 completely enough.


2. tendon gun in the speed do not believe the business boasts


9600 rpm, if the parameters of the propaganda has this then directly skipped. On the above mentioned foreign famous fascia gun product speed maximum only 3200 rpm, even if the domestic well-known fascia gun brand it also dare not have such a high label, these one or two hundred label fascia gun how to get the courage? Therefore, the fascia gun in the speed of consideration of more than 3500 revolutions per minute directly pass, 9600 revolutions is just a gimmick, if there are serious friends may wish to use the high-speed camera to check, certainly not enough.


Like massage balls, fascia balls, massage sticks, and the foam shafts that we use most everyday as well as fascia guns. How should it be classified? This is the highest price of the fascia gun, but we can not simply use the price to measure. Like the fascia ball and foam shaft, they belong to a class of products, these are required you to give the object a force, you must put your own center of gravity or or body strength, pressed on it in order to feel its relaxation and squeeze the feeling of your body.

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But the fascia gun in fact, it will not have this problem, it is completely rely on mechanical force to you impact, so it does not have any site requirements, as well as its strong strength, can be adjusted according to the gear switch, not to say to the foam axis can only rely on their own center of gravity, how much you weight you may you pressure on it, your reaction force will be more, like this fascia gun is still relatively fast.


If you are a very fond of sports and hate to focus on sports rehabilitation, muscle relaxation, stretching, and hope that their sports career can go farther such people, then may wish to go shopping for a fascia gun, can be in the daily leisure time inside, to help themselves to such relaxation, anytime, anywhere.


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