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The working principle of cervical spine massager

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The neck massager can clear the edema and hematoma of the joint capsule, relax the muscle ligaments, reset the deformed and displaced joints, promote the regeneration of nerve function and repair the tissue function. The neck massager can stimulate and regulate the biological effect of meridians, guide the operation of qi and blood, improve the internal environment of the human body and change the state of qi and blood imbalance in the focal area, so as to achieve the effect of both primary and secondary treatment.

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Neck relaxation: cervical spondylosis treatment. Massage therapy cervical spondylosis two feet apart with shoulder width standing, one hand crossed waist, head slightly back to relax the neck muscles, the other hand four fingers on the neck, from the bottom up and then from the top down massage muscles. The two hands alternate, repeated 10 times.

Adjust breathing: stand with both feet shoulder-width apart, cross your waist with both hands, eyes level, relax the neck and shoulder muscles, breathe naturally, gradually deep and long, adhere to 2-3 minutes.

Forward bending and backward leaning: the same posture as above. First exhale when the head slowly drops, the jaw as far as possible to contact the chest; then inhale, the head slowly raised; then exhale, the head slowly back, eyes look back up; finally inhale when the head reverts to the normal position, look straight ahead. Repeat 5-10 times.

Move from side to side: the same posture as before. First, when exhaling, slowly turn your head to the left and look at the left rear; then when inhaling, restore your head to the normal position; then when exhaling, slowly turn your head to the right and look at the right rear; finally, when inhaling, restore your head to the normal position. Repeat 5-10 times.

The three functions of low-intensity pulse current therapy, magnetic therapy and infrared transmission are combined in one machine and treated at the same time, forming an efficient combined energy magnetic field that penetrates the internal tissues and bones of the body.

The cervical spine neck massager has four treatment electrodes and four treatment specifications, targeting various meridian points of the body for treatment. The magnetic sheet is placed inside the cervical spine massager, and the magnetic field treatment area is wider.


neck massager

The function of infrared radiation transmission can activate blood circulation, remove dampness and cold, and relieve pain.


General good quality cervical massager design will have automatic protection system, twelve seconds inside the operation is not carried out, the cervical massager will automatically shut down.


High working efficiency: cervical massager a variety of functional treatment, for the treatment of parts of a good effect.

Usually pay attention to correct sitting posture, do not sleep on the desktop during the break at work. After returning home, do not let yourself do "lazy bones", and do not lie on your side on the sofa to watch TV, curled up in the nest to play cell phones, etc..


Suitable for the prevention of cervical spondylosis exercise are swimming, neck and shoulder health exercises, swimming to breaststroke best. Many people usually work with their heads more to the front, should stand up after an hour of work, pay attention to stretching the neck and head, backward shoulder, can prevent neck and shoulder strain. In addition, cross your fingers to support the back of the neck, a little to the front force, while the head is tilted back, adhere to 6 seconds, repeat 3 to 5 times.


Patients with cervical spondylosis should be more strict about the requirements of the pillow. The height of the pillow should be noted, sleep supine pillow height should be equal to the height of the fist when standing up, and side lying pillow height should be equal to a fist and a half height. This supine can maintain the original physiological curvature of the cervical spine, side lying and can maintain the cervical spine is a horizontal straight line. The texture of the pillow should be soft and hard, the head and neck have support.

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