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What are the applicable people and precautions for the massage belt

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Problems and kidney problems. Through the waist massager to massage the waist can strengthen the kidneys and restore the physiological curvature of the lumbar spine, to maintain the health of the lumbar spine.

Waist massager with three independent soft touch massage head, can relax the muscles, soothe the nerves, promote blood circulation, strengthen the cell, enhance skin elasticity, can relieve fatigue, significantly reduce a variety of chronic pain, acute pain and muscle aches, relax the body to reduce stress, reduce skin wrinkles. Relax the body to reduce stress and reduce skin wrinkles. Use three seven batteries, vibration massage ball will emit colored lights, portable Easy to carry, applicable to all parts of the body.

Waist massager mainly includes massage lumbar back, massage backrest these two categories. Combined with human engineering mechanics and Chinese medicine meridian science principle.

Research and design, through the waist or kneading or far-infrared massage methods to effectively prevent the lumbar spine physiological curvature downward shift, reduce Reduce lumbar muscle strain and prevent lumbar disc herniation.

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Waist massager for the following groups.

1, middle-aged and elderly people and poor blood circulation;

2, suffering from lumbar intervertebral disc herniation, can effectively relieve;

3, long-term sitting population, such as urban white-collar workers, drivers, driving a family, students, etc., to prevent lumbar muscle strain;

4, kidney deficiency or kidney deficiency caused by lumbar back pain and lumbar muscle strain;

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Contraindicated groups of waist massager.

1, lumbar injury and is in the process of recovery;

2, in fasting, full stomach, after drinking and strenuous exercise, should avoid using cervical massager, especially strong stimulation massage, may make the blood flow further accelerated, the stomach smooth muscle peristalsis enhanced, resulting in nausea, vomiting, chest tightness, shortness of breath and other discomfort;

3, pregnant or lactating women and children;

4, pay attention to the use of massager massage time, according to the normal human physique to count, the basic massage to keep below 30 minutes, 15 minutes or so; if some patients found in the process of massage feel uncomfortable, should suspend the use, must not be forced to extend the massage time.

5, for those who have not used the massager just started using the massager, it is estimated that there will be discomfort, may feel slightly stronger or feel uncomfortable, this is a very normal phenomenon, generally this situation held about 3 days on the good.  Just started using the massager, I recommend that we start with the lowest gear, slowly adjust the strength of the massager according to their own situation, age stage is different, the strength of use is also different, specific can also be purchased in consultation with the seller, you can also look at the massager instructions said.


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