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What are the effects of the neck massage instrument

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Neck massager is a kind of product that is specially designed for neck massage. Neck massager mainly through the vibration or knocking massage to promote the blood circulation of the neck to achieve the effect of relieving fatigue. Now, we will say in detail, the neck massager are what specific effects, the use of neck massager, we should pay attention to what.


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What are the efficacy of the neck massager?


1, Relieve fatigue


Neck massager can effectively eliminate the body's fatigue and discomfort, to relieve neck pain can play a good role. Neck massager is a great blessing for people who sleep easily pillow, it can solve the situation after the pillow neck activity is limited. For the sedentary office workers, long-term ambulatory work of teachers, long-term driving drivers and other professionals, neck massager is a good invention.


2, Promote blood circulation


Neck massager can promote the circulation of blood in the neck by vibrating or tapping massage, eliminating the pain caused by poor blood and Qi in middle age, thus improving the quality of sleep and enabling the brain to be fully oxygenated.


3, Prevent cervical spondylosis


Neck massager can relieve neck fatigue, promote neck blood circulation, cervical spondylosis has a good preventive effect, especially for sedentary office workers, long-term ambulatory work of teachers, long-term driving drivers, neck massager is a good tool to have at home.


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What should I pay attention to when using neck massager?


Although the neck massager is effective, but if used improperly, the effect may be counterproductive. So, what should I pay attention to when using a neck massager?


1, neck trauma and not fully recovered people can not use


Neck strains, sprains, if you think that the use of neck massager can reduce the pain symptoms, it is wrong. Neck trauma is not fully recovered, if the unauthorized use of neck massager, easy to aggravate edema, make the pain increased, is not conducive to the recovery of the affected area.


2, due to neurogenic cervical spondylosis resulting in neck pain can not be used


People suffering from neurological cervical spondylosis use neck massager, may be due to improper operation of the injury to the cervical spine, aggravating the cervical spine disease, accidents.


3, neurasthenia can not be used


When using the neck massager, the machine will varying degrees of noise, neurasthenia in the use of neck massager, easy because of the noise and irritability, anxiety symptoms, and in serious cases may even fainting.


4, hypertensive patients should be used with caution


Hypertension, anemia and other patients in the use of neck massager, be careful not to massage in the vicinity of the carotid artery to avoid accidents.

5, in fasting, full stomach, after drinking and strenuous exercise should be avoided


Fasting, full stomach, alcohol, after strenuous exercise and receive strong stimulation after the use of neck massager, will make the blood flow speed up, resulting in the stomach smooth muscle peristalsis enhanced, resulting in nausea, vomiting, chest tightness, shortness of breath and other discomfort, so should avoid the use of neck massager in this case.


Neck massager has the function of promoting blood circulation in the neck and relieving fatigue, but we should be careful when using the neck massager, not to aggravate the existing condition because of greed for comfort.

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