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What are the methods of using massage cushions?(2)

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Second, the characteristics of massage cushion

1. car massage cushion can soothe the meridians

I believe that many car owners have such an experience, driving down for a period of time, the waist, neck are going to have a sour pass feeling, which is due to the degeneration of the human body bone bribery and soft tissue, at this time the owner should be aware of the health, should be adjusted as soon as possible, such as not timely to solve, the pain will be more aggravated, car massage cushion can relax muscle spasm, strengthen the local blood circulation, so that the local tissue temperature rise, improve the local tissue pain; at the same time can also be tension or spasm of the muscle fully stretched, so as to release its tension, spasm, to eliminate pain.

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2. Car massage cushion helps reset the joints

The car massage mat simulates manual pushing and kneading, which can make the joint dislocation to be adjusted, the bone suture misalignment to be combined with disturbance, the soft tissue tear to be aligned, the tendon slip to be corrected, spring, summer, autumn and winter to take the road to health to see the four seasons health network health diet health problems mother and child health care health tips medullary nucleus prolapse to be returned, synovial inlay to be withdrawn, and finally eliminate the pathological factors that cause muscle spasm and local pain, which is conducive to the repair of damaged tissues and functional reconstruction.

3. car massage cushion can regulate the nervous system

Long time in a posture or action, when stopped may appear back pain, headache, off faint and other phenomena. The use of non-rabbit intelligent massage cushion can make the nerve excitement, and can lead to make the nerve is inhibited, adjust the role of the nervous system, so that excitement, inhibition to achieve balance.

4. the use of car massage cushion to enhance resistance

According to the survey shows that the daily use of car massage cushion 10 minutes, can make the total number of white blood cells mildly elevated, leukocyte phagocytosis index and serum antibody significantly increased, so as to improve human resistance.

massage cushion

5. car massage cushion to promote blood circulation

Regular use of non-rabbit intelligent massage cushion can improve the blood circulation of the skin and muscles, promote the metabolism of tissues and organs, strengthen the gastrointestinal function, stimulate or inhibit the nerves, thus playing the role of analgesia, pain relief, anti-inflammatory, anti-swelling, antispasmodic, adjust human functions and enhance immunity. With the development of modern technology, has been from the traditional manual massage, the development of machine-operated massage, such as car massage cushion, massage chair, car cervical massager, and more and more accepted by the people, but also the family and personal necessary health care equipment. Understanding so many car massage cushion to bring the role, I believe you will also feel the possession of a suitable, love the body focus on health from every day every little thing to start.


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