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What are the misconceptions of eye care?

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The skin around the eyes is particularly soft and thin, and there are many folds, so the moisture of the skin around the eyes evaporates faster; at the same time, the sweat glands and sebaceous glands of the skin around the eyes are less distributed, so it is especially easy to dry and dehydrated. These factors determine that the eyes are the most prone to aging and problems. Generally, the skin around the eyes starts to go downhill since the age of 25, with dark circles, crow's feet, eye bags, puffiness, and other problems. Therefore, prevention and care are very important.

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Myth 1. after 25 years old to start using eye care products

General skin starts to go downhill after the age of 25, which is a natural decline, but maintenance before the age of 25 can be prevented, so that the skin condition is much less. Eye cream for the vast majority of people, are necessary, not simply based on age to determine whether you need to use eye care products, but according to skin quality, climate, environment and other circumstances to decide whether to use and use what eye care products.

Myth 2. face cream can represent eye cream

Using a universal nutritional cream instead of an eye cream is a definite no-no! Some people think that eye creams and creams are the same thing. The big deal about eye creams is that they are more delicate, advanced and expensive. They think that they can replace eye cream with a reliable quality cream, so they often use nutritional creams as eye creams around their eyes. In fact, this is very unscientific!

Myth 3. The more eye care products you use, the better the results

The skin of the eyes is extremely thin, using too much not only can not be absorbed, but on the contrary will become a burden on the eye skin, accelerating the aging of the eye skin.

Myth 4. only use eye care products at night before going to bed

The use of eye care products and facial care products, should be used in the morning and evening, should not think of up to use, do not think of up to use.

Myth 5. eye care products can cure crows feet

In today's medical beauty field, acne, dark spots, wrinkles treatment is known as the three major problems. For eye wrinkles, eye bags and dark circles, the use of eye care products is actually equivalent to "mending", only to prevent accelerated aging of the eyes. Therefore, smart women should take precautions and use eye cream when there are no wrinkles.

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Myth 6. Eye care products are only eye creams

With the refinement and specialization of cosmetic products, eye care products today are already of various shapes and sizes. They are designed for different eye problems, different ages and personal situations, and other cosmetics are as abundant. Therefore, it is important to buy according to your eye problems and seasonal environment, etc.

Myth 7. eye creams are only used at the end of the eyes

The earliest wrinkles on the face are the crow's feet at the corners of the eyes, so people often use eye creams to do massage perpendicular to the wrinkles at the corners of the eyes. This is undoubtedly true, but the earliest area of the face that relaxes is not the corner of the eyes, but under the eyes, followed by the upper eyelids. That is why dark circles and bags appear first, and then sagging skin appears. This area of aging is not as conspicuous as crow's feet, but it is more fragile and will suddenly appear conspicuously aging due to the accumulation of small things, so it is important to prevent it.


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