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What does a fascial gun do? Five things you must know

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Before and after exercise or long-term work in front of the office computer, there will inevitably be muscle tension and soreness and other problems; in recent years, it has become popular to use deep muscle fascia gun (referred to as fascia gun) to deal with such problems, more fitness enthusiasts have been recommended as a necessary tool, in the end, what is the special features of the fascia gun? What do you need to pay attention to when choosing or using one? The following 5 things about the fascia gun, you must understand before you start!


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First, what is a deep myofascial massage gun?


The main principle of deep myofascial massage gun (referred to as massage gun) is the use of high-frequency vibration, the force will be transmitted to a deeper layer of muscle or fascia, to accelerate blood circulation in sore areas, or to achieve the effect of shaking loose muscle, faster than manual massage to see the effect; deep myofascial massage gun is actually not new, if you have paid attention to world-class sports games or the NBA, you can find that the fascia gun has long been widely used in professional sports recovery, but as technology becomes more and more developed, the fascia gun has become more compact and convenient, the price is also more commonplace, so that the fascia gun has become a good companion for home fitness or training essential.


Second, what is the role of deep myofascial massage gun?


It is important to note that the deep muscle fascia gun is not a painkiller, its main role is targeted to relieve muscle fatigue and tautness, but also helps to accelerate blood circulation, so it is very suitable for use after exercise, can relax because of fatigue and become tense large tissue muscle groups; However, in fact, before exercise can also be moderate use of fascia gun, to stimulate the muscle to wake up, the same as muscle warm-up, to reduce the chance of injury.


Three, the use of deep myofascial massage gun precautions


Although the deep myofascial massage gun is very convenient to use, but it is always mechanical, and is not as free to control the position and strength as the human hand, when using to pay attention to avoid directly hitting the joints or neck and spine and other locations to avoid injury to important nerves and bones, but also to avoid the use of muscle inflammation, otherwise it will only stimulate the injury and make the condition worse.

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Fourth, the correct use of deep myofascial massage gun


Just like all fitness training equipment, deep myofascial massage gun also exists when using the risk, so to avoid injury on injury, in the fascia gun use method is also worth paying attention to; generally speaking, the fascia gun on the market with different strength adjustment, not the stronger the more pain is more effective, it is recommended that the first to the lowest gear to relax, and then gradually adjust upward more.


Similarly, the fascia gun in the use of time, not the longer the more effective, it is recommended that each time 20 seconds, repeat 3 to 5 times can be, the same part can not continue to vibrate for more than 15 minutes.


Five, select and compare the fascia gun


As fascia guns become more and more popular, there are various kinds of fascia guns in the market, how should I choose when buying and comparing fascia guns? As the myofascial gun is generally wireless and built-in battery, because it can easily be used for a few minutes, or even dozens of minutes, so the weight is of course light to win, it is recommended to select more adjustable force, angle and have more than one gun head replacement models, can be more targeted to different parts of the massage.


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