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What is the role of massage hammer

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Massage hammer is a very common massage equipment in life, we often see the elderly use the massage hammer for knocking back massage. So what exactly is the role of massage hammer? The use of massage hammer can imitate the massage technique of percussion, for the relief of muscle discomfort, improve blood circulation, relaxation, meridians are good. So, how to use the massage hammer to achieve better results? In fact, for different areas to take different targeted. Here's a look at the use of massage hammer together.

massage hammer

The role of massage hammer


1. massage hammer can effectively relieve discomfort, relieve muscle pain, eliminate fatigue, so that people quickly recover their strength, and play a good effect of muscle relaxation, improve blood circulation.


2. massage the various points on the back are to unblock the meridians, the flow of gas, promote blood circulation, and can reflexively regulate the internal organs activities, enhance the function of internal organs.


3. massage hammer is designed to imitate the massage techniques of Chinese medicine, by tapping on the meridians, or on the acupuncture points, can play a role in relieving fatigue, relaxation, unblocking the meridians, and even specifically targeted treatment of disease.

massage hammer

How to use massage hammer correctly?


1. massage the left and right shoulder blades to stimulate the acupuncture points, the treatment of head, facial diseases, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, etc., all have a certain therapeutic effect.


2. massage the side of the back, can also play a wide chest and gas, the treatment of intercostal pain disease. You can also try to hold the chest, shoulder blades back, massage the neck and shoulder acupuncture points such as the large vertebrae and Fengmen, can treat cervical spondylosis, neck and shoulder syndrome.


3. when massaging the upper back, you can stimulate to the main lung disease lung points. The heart point, which treats heart diseases. It can broaden the chest and regulate Qi. And the Di Yu point, which regulates blood, broadens the middle and harmonizes the stomach.


4. When massaging the lower back, you can stimulate the liver point, which treats liver diseases. The Gallbladder point, which treats gallbladder diseases. The Spleen Yu point, which is used to treat the spleen, stomach and dampness.


5. can be combined with massage techniques, you can use acupressure massage and acupuncture, there is a palm pressure massage.


6. after the massage drink a glass of water to facilitate body detoxification, can make the effect better.


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