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What people are suitable for massage hammer

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Massage hammer is a thing we can often see in our daily lives, its role is still very good, to a certain extent, can relieve our muscle fatigue and other problems, with a high degree of practicality, but at the same time it should be noted that massage hammer this thing someone can use someone can not use, so what people are suitable for massage hammer?

What people are suitable for massage hammer?

1, long-term office sedentary white-collar workers and other occupational groups.

2, the need to relax the muscles after the movement of the crowd.

3, suffering from cervical spondylosis and other diseases of the population.

massage hammer

Who can not use the massage hammer?

1, acute infectious disease patients are not suitable for massage, such as dengue, osteomyelitis, septic arthritis and so on.

2, acute rheumatoid arthritis-like patients are not suitable for massage, so as not to cause aggravation of the disease.

3, the skin of patients with severe trauma, or is a large area of bleeding parts of the patient are not suitable for massage.

4, serious heart, lung, liver, kidney function abnormalities and cancer, fracture patients, patients shortly after amputation are not massage.

5, women during menstruation and pregnancy, the abdomen and the corresponding waist and back can not be massaged.

Through the above, we all have a more detailed understanding of what people are suitable for massage hammer, in fact, for the general public, generally can be used, there are not too many contraindications, but I remind you that one thing must be noted, can not use massage hammer of the above-mentioned groups of people, to avoid the use of massage hammer.


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