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What to pay attention to when using massage hammer

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Massage hammer as a common health care apparatus, almost every household has, people pick up from time to time with two, many people will use it, but few people know that a small massage hammer, looks inconspicuous, the use of a lot of attention, so what are the precautions to use the massage hammer?

massage hammer

The use of massage hammer precautions

1. too hard to damage the soft tissue

Pounding relaxation method is not applicable to all people, and different body parts, pounding strength should also be careful, not the harder pounding the more effective; if the force is too much, easy to old disease is not good and add new injuries; long-term overweight pounding will not only make the muscles become fibrotic, destroy the muscle tension elasticity, but also make ligaments, muscles, fascia and other tissue depth injury.

2. knocking too weak no effect

Massage hammer if you just want to get up and knock two, and the strength is relatively weak, then knock only a brief sense of relaxation, completely unable to achieve the effect of soothing the muscles, its effectiveness is even less than the foot bath.

Can you use massage hammer every day?

The purpose of using massage hammer is to help us relieve muscle fatigue, relaxation, if necessary, can also play a certain therapeutic effect, but we should know that these effects are in the long-term persistence to achieve, not overnight; so if you want to rely on massage hammer to achieve certain results, then it must be after long-term persistence can be, so massage hammer can, preferably every day.

massage hammer

Through the above article, I think we all understand, although the massage hammer is very good, but if we want it to work, it can not be used blindly, must first know its use, precautions and other issues. And it is recommended that everyone, it is best to use the massage hammer every day, long-term persistence to have an effect.


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