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Which people are suitable for foot massager?

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Foot massager, is an inheritance of ancient foot massage techniques, based on modern technology and manufactured, the human feet (including the soles of the feet, feet, ankles, etc.) for different forms of massage, to achieve the health effects of the instrument or device! Foot massager functional role and applicable to the crowd?

Foot massager vibration massage in the case of massage head with high-frequency vibration constantly produce stimulation on the soles of the feet, massage foot acupuncture points, through the massage of human acupuncture points to eliminate human fatigue, play a role in soothing the human spirit, but also can effectively improve the sleep of people.


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Foot massager magnetic therapy health care mainly through its health care magnet to generate magnetic fields using the role of magnetic force on the feet to produce stimulation, promote blood circulation in the feet, improve the magnetic field of the human body to achieve the purpose of health care.


Foot massager also has a water wave impact function, water wave impact is mainly the use of nozzles spraying water waves on the legs to form a three-dimensional massage. Achieve the role of running meridians qi and blood, promote blood circulation, while it can also achieve the prevention of hypertension, hyperlipidemia and insomnia prevention.


The use of foot massager can effectively dredge the meridians in all parts of the legs, contributing to the operation of human blood, foot acupuncture point massage can also be multi-directional conditioning of the body, for women it can also achieve to reduce leg muscles, presenting the role of perfect leg shape Oh.

First, the elderly.


Older people with the growth of age, many physiological functions have slowly degenerated, blood flow is not smooth, often do foot massage can effectively promote blood circulation and meridian blood flow, prevention and treatment of hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia and foot cold, edema, stomach cold, insomnia and other diseases.


Second, physical laborers.


Manual workers often walk, sometimes may be standing all day, often do foot massage, constantly stimulate the massage foot acupuncture points, can eliminate fatigue, relieve mental tension, improve sleep and improve health.


Third, white-collar workers.


Office workers are often sedentary, easy to cause poor blood circulation, some may often appear lower limb numbness, so often do plantar massage is very good.



So which people do not apply to foot massager?

1. patients with bleeding disorders, whether it is coughing up blood or blood in the stool, in the body when any bleeding symptoms occur, it is not easy to use the foot massager.

2, there are tuberculosis, acute myocardial infarction, severe renal failure, heart failure, liver necrosis and other critically ill patients can not be used.

3, there are open injuries, serious infections, fractures and joint dislodgement recovery patients, skin diseases or skin damage can not be used.

4, in fasting, full stomach, after drinking and intense exercise can not be used after the foot massager.


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