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Why do some people say that the fascial guns is not effective?

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In the muscle relaxation this aspect can be said to be a more important issue, generally after the exercise, should also be able to let their own muscles can get a better relaxation, so as to be able to well avoid some unnecessary trouble problems, choose to use the fascia gun this product, then can achieve a better relaxation effect, then the fascia gun use why some people say no effect?


Some people may find this aspect of the problem, will find some people said in the use of after the effect is not at all, do not know why this aspect of the problem, the following to give you an analysis, I hope to let you understand clearly.


The first is because the choice of products is not good


The process of using said no effect, most likely also because they are not good products, because in the purchase of this product, there are now more and more different brands can let you choose, should also be able to let themselves notice this aspect of the problem, must ensure that they can choose to better products to do. You can find out some reviews about the fascia gun recommendations, so that you know what kind of brand is more appropriate.


The second is not to master the correct method of use


Massage gun in the process of use, if there is no effect, then it is likely because we simply do not let themselves master the correct method of use, in the use of this product to understand the correct method of use, is also a very necessary thing to bring a greater help to ensure that the process of use is relatively smooth.


The use of the fascia gun why some people say it does not work? After the introduction of everyone will be able to understand the problem, you can know why some people will say that there is no effect of the problem, generally everyone as long as you can learn more about some knowledge, to do the correct use of the words will not exist this, you can go well to understand the correct way to use this product in the end is how.

massage gun

Myofascial gun can usually adjust the frequency of vibration, massage is recommended to pick the appropriate massage strength.


It is recommended that newcomers use the fascia gun, starting with the lowest frequency of vibration, and after the body has adapted to feel the muscle soreness can be, without deliberately pursuing the pain.


When using the fascia gun only need to stick to the skin surface, slowly move up and down, without special pressure, in addition to holding the fascia gun will not only focus on the sore spot, timely change the angle, so that the muscle around the pain point can also be massaged, the effect will be more points.


Because there is a correlation between muscle and muscle, for example, we often bend the arm to slide the phone for too long, it will cause the problem of sore shoulders, if you keep using the fascia gun to massage the sore shoulders, the effect will definitely be greatly reduced.


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