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An introduction to the role of eye massage instrument

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Eye massager is a special instrument for eye care and eye beauty that combines modern ophthalmology theory and Chinese medicine cosmetology principle. The product is carefully designed according to the high and low contours of the eye and the distribution of different acupuncture points, with 26 fingertip massage contacts, and embedded with efficient medical rare earth permanent magnet alloy NdFeB, which can produce the best magnetic flux.

The eye massager can relieve visual fatigue, prevent myopia and amblyopia, also can meridian dredging, harmonize qi and blood, improve eye blood microcirculation, promote metabolism, relieve eye fatigue and restore ciliary muscle elasticity.


Adhere to the use of eye massager five to ten minutes a day, you can help eliminate the lack of sleep and poor blood circulation under the formation of bags and dark circles, strengthen the metabolism of eye cells; smoothing wrinkles around the eyes, so that the skin around the eyes more lustrous and elastic.

Eye massager magnetic field has a good sedative effect, worn every night before bed for five to ten minutes, fully relax the brain nerve, easy to enter deep sleep, eliminate brain overuse and insomnia caused by neurasthenia, and can shorten the time to sleep.

1, beauty spot / activation of eye skin


If you can massage more than 20 acupuncture points on the eyes, such as "fish waist", "silk bamboo", "Cheng Weep", you can strengthen the metabolism of eye cells, stop skin aging and degeneration, so that the eye skin is more energetic and elastic.


2, brighten the eyes / relieve visual fatigue


Eye massage can effectively improve the microcirculation of eye tissue, enhance eye skin cell metabolism, make the eyes bright and clear, clear vision, prevent myopia, relieve visual fatigue.


3, inhibit neurasthenia / improve sleep


Massage to promote facial blood circulation, reduce brain blood pressure, relax the brain nerves, improve brain overuse and insomnia caused by neurasthenia, to achieve the effectiveness of the pleasant brain, refreshing.

eye massage

Eye massage instrument for the eye is not much, just a role for eye health care, for the relief of eye degree or is to slow down the degree of increase is not much effect, a long time to use or will produce a certain feeling of dependence, there is also if the use of improper words or easy to hurt the eyes, if the quality of the massage instrument is not good, it is easy to hurt the eye, after all, it contains a certain radiation function, so want to improve the eye degree, then do more eye exercises on the good.


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