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  • Eye massage instrument use and precautions
    Eye massager, also known as eye massager, is a combination of modern ophthalmology theory and Chinese medicine cosmetology principle of eye care and eye beauty instruments. The product is carefully designed according to the distribution of different acupuncture points of the eye similar to 22 finger
  • Introduction to the function principle of eye massager
    Our eyes will become very fatigued after a long time reading books, using computers and looking at cell phones. Nowadays, there are more and more myopic and farsighted eyes in the society, and the eye massage protection project can't be delayed. The appearance of the eye care instrument brings us a gospel. After putting on the eye care device, the massage effect of the eye care device will promote the blood circulation of our eyes, which is very good for our eyes.
  • Is eye massager harmful to the eyes?
    Eye massager is a physical massage device, there is no drug ingredients, so the proper use will not cause harm, but improper use or overuse, hard to stimulate the eye, there will be harm. Eye massager soothing effect is different from person to person, and also according to the specific symptoms of the user, but most of the eye massager, eye fatigue and other symptoms can play a role in relieving, the prevention of vision problems also have a certain effect. Consumers use, as long as the instructions for standardized operation, there will be no harm.
  • An introduction to the role of eye massage instrument
    Eye massager is a special instrument for eye care and eye beauty that combines modern ophthalmology theory and Chinese medicine cosmetology principle. The product is carefully designed according to the high and low contours of the eye and the distribution of different acupuncture points, with 26 fin

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