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Daily hand massage to prevent many diseases

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Regular hand massage can make your hands whiter and softer, especially in winter to avoid dry and cracked hands and frostbite. For people who often work with their hands, you can also follow these steps to massage your hands, which can soothe the meridians and relieve pain.

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1, wash your hands

Apply some soap to both hands, gently rub to wash away the dirt on your hands, and then rinse with water. And dry your hands with a clean towel or tissue, and prepare the hand cream that needs to be applied.

2, Apply the hand cream evenly on your hands

Remove the ornaments from your hands, squeeze out an appropriate amount of hand cream on one hand and spread it evenly, making sure that the fingers on the back of your hands are covered with the hand cream.

3, Massage the fingers

Gently hold the hand that needs to be massaged with the left hand, use the index and middle fingers of the right hand to gently hold the fingers of the person being massaged, slide from the root of the fingers with medium force to the fingertips, repeat the same action around three times for each finger, from the little finger to the thumb in turn.

4, massage the intersection of the root of the fingers

Use the right thumb to gently massage the root of the finger junction, massage about three or four times, repeat the same action in turn from the small finger to the thumb.

5, the two hands crossed fingers, up Pull up

With the right hand and the massaged hand vertical ten fingers interlocked, and then gently pull up, repeat this action for about three or four times, but also according to the actual situation.

6, massage the palm

Spread the hands of the massaged, with the thumbs of the left and right hands from the fingertip position massage palm, from the palm to both sides of the hand, respectively, gently push, repeat this step four to five times or so, but also according to their own circumstances.

hand massager

7, fist back massage

Let the person being massaged hold up a small fist, with the right hand from the back of the hand at the wrist to the fingertips of the fist lightly rubbed mobile, to ensure that the hand cream can be fully absorbed, repeat this action four to five times or so, and then spread the hand, with the right hand again lightly rub the heart of the hand back two or three times. This is a complete set of hand massage is ready.

Pay attention to the amount of hand cream, too much too little is not good, it is best to just apply the amount of the entire back of the hand. Massage, the fingers by a little pain is normal, massage a few more joints to activate the open will be good.


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