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Eye massage instrument use and precautions

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Eye massager, also known as eye massager, is a combination of modern ophthalmology theory and Chinese medicine cosmetology principle of eye care and eye beauty instruments. The product is carefully designed according to the distribution of different acupuncture points of the eye similar to 22 fingertip-like contacts, and embedded with medical rare earth permanent magnet alloy NdFeB, the product can generate magnetic flux while simulating massage, effectively improve the microcirculation of eye tissue, improve the adjustment ability of ciliary muscle, and relieve fatigue.

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There are many kinds of eye repair massager on the market, we must remember the following points when buying a massager, be cautious in cautious.


1. simple is the safe and effective. Eyes are important parts of the body, can wear on the eyes, such as instruments must be safe, simple, effective, product testing reports, whether the product is qualified, etc..


2. the function of more danger factor is higher. There are many kinds of eye repair massage instrument on the market configured with MP3, heating, greater battery capacity, etc., it is recommended that the big to buy these products, if the product explosion consequences are very terrible;.


3. the purchase of eye repair massage instrument is mainly massage. Many partners to buy eye repair massage instrument is mainly used for eye fatigue to be able to relax and ease the eye muscle. But the purchase of the pursuit of multi-functional is better to open the phone to listen to the song.

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Product use time and efficacy.


1. multi-frequency strength, relieve eye fatigue, prevent myopia, beauty eye. Three times a day for three to five minutes each time, effectively improve the micro propaganda of eye tissue, improve the regulation of the ciliary muscle, activate eye cell tissue, increase oxygenation, effectively improve vision, prevent myopia, beauty eye, bright eyes and stare.


2. relax the eyes, reduce the internal pressure, remove dry eyes, bright eyes and stare, eliminate insomnia. Wear three to five minutes each time the eyes closed, can make the eye and eye muscle fully relaxed, reduce the limit of internal pressure, quickly eliminate the excessive use of the eyes caused by acidity, swelling, pain, dryness, fear of light and blurred vision and other symptoms, magnetic field has a good sedative effect, wear to five to ten minutes each night before bed, fully relax the brain nerve, easy to enter deep sleep, eliminate brain overuse and insomnia caused by neurasthenia, and can shorten the time to sleep.


3. reduce wrinkles, enhance skin elasticity. Adhere to the use of five to ten minutes a day, you can help eliminate the lack of sleep and poor blood circulation under the formation of bags and dark circles under the eyes, strengthen the eye cell metabolism. Smoothing wrinkles around the eyes, so that the skin around the eyes more shiny and elastic.


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