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Hand daily maintenance tips

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You can tell a lot of secrets from a woman's hands, whether they are rough or white and tender, at a glance. It is said that the hands are the second face of a woman, and hand care is as important as face care. Imagine a well-maintained beauty, hands out is rough, dead skin, full of barbs, will not let you discount her perception? Women want to have a pair of white hands is not difficult, I recommend the following simple maintenance methods.

Hand maintenance a, do housework remember to wear gloves When doing housework, many women are afraid of trouble, will not wear gloves, but a variety of detergents, laundry detergent, detergent and so on contains a variety of chemicals, over time the hand skin damage is great. I strongly recommend doing housework when you must first apply a layer of hand cream, and then wear gloves, the outer layer of rubber inside cotton is better, gloves can help isolate the maximum amount of chemical stimulation. In addition, housework for a long time, should also be about half an hour to take off the gloves, so that the hands skin to breathe air. After the work is done, you should carefully rinse your hands with water, and then apply a layer of hand cream, massage a little for a moment.

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Regular use of hand film care

Our hands will also have the problem of aging keratin, some people's skin on the hands feel rough, in fact, is the accumulation of aging keratin, and even calluses have grown to. At least a week to hands to a care, the use of natural Noni leaf ingredients hand mask, convenient and simple, so you always have a pair of beautiful hands.

Barbs can not be torn by hand

Around the nail easy to grow a small barb to, and these barbs also tend to make your hands look under-maintained. Many people see the growth of the barbs directly to tear off with their hands, which is not only easy to tear the skin, causing infection, but also easy to lead to the growth of more barbs to. The correct way should be to wash your face or shower, soak your hands in warm water for 10 minutes, then use a clean hot towel to gently dry, then use a special hand exfoliation tool to remove the barbs, so that the nail small skin regrowth, and finally apply cream around the nail.

Bedtime care

Bedtime care of hands, before going to bed to clean hands, thickly coated with a layer of hand cream, and then disposable film gloves fingertip position cut off a little, wear gloves after going to bed. The gloves allow the hands to more fully absorb the nutrients of the hand cream and lock in moisture, and cut off the fingertip position and let the hands breathe. The next day, you can notice that your hands have become more white and soft. Note that the same method also applies to both feet Oh.

Sun protection

Many people know to go out to sunscreen, but generally speaking are only focused on the face sunscreen, in fact, all exposed skin should be sunscreen. Every time before going out, especially in the summer when the sun is most fierce, must be carefully coated with sunscreen products, as far as possible to water-soluble high some of the main, hands to keep white is basic.

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Often massage fingers

The maintenance of hands in addition to the application of hand cream, you can also do more simple massage movements to promote blood circulation in the hands to prevent hand swelling. The method is very simple, with one hand thumb and index finger to grab the other hand on both sides of the fingers, gently pull from the finger root to the fingertips, each finger can do 2 to 3 times, and then alternate between the left and right hand. Or imitate the action of playing the piano, let the fingers flex and extend repeatedly, exercise the hand joints.


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