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Hand massager purchase introduction

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Hand massager is actually a bionic application, because the traditional massager, including massage chairs are roller type, very mechanical and rigid, the key parts of the massage is not in place, while the palm massager is bionic human palm made of massager, massage experience is stronger and more realistic and careful.

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, hand massager has more and more into ordinary people's homes, but because people lack the necessary purchase, use and maintenance of common sense, but also to the majority of consumers bring inconvenience and even adverse consequences, the following on the principle of hand massager and purchase skills are introduced as follows.


hand massager

Hand massager - the working principle of hand massager

Electromagnetic massager is mainly composed of electromagnetic core and coil, when the coil through the 50Hz industrial frequency alternating current that produces alternating magnetic field, alternating magnetic field is small and large, driving the core to produce vibration, and then the vibration to the massage head, because our country uses 50Hz alternating current. 

So the vibration frequency of the massage head is 100Hz. electric type massager vibration source is the motor, in general, the massager motor is Permanent magnet type miniature DC motor, the working principle of the massager is: the rotation of the main shaft of the motor is transmitted to the eccentric wheel through the coupling spring, the role of the eccentric wheel is to convert the rotary motion of the motor into reciprocating motion, and the reciprocating motion is transmitted to the vibration head, because the motor speed is 5000 ~ 10000 rpm, so the number of vibrations of the electric massager is also 5000 ~ 10000 times per minute.


hand massager

Hand massager - hand massager purchase

Selection of the type and specification of the massager, depending on different needs. The author believes that the electric massager due to the higher vibration frequency, vibration intensity is weaker and more suitable for health care massage and the elderly. Vibrating massager due to slow vibration frequency vibration intensity is higher, and more suitable for sports massage and youth use. In addition, the massager for weight loss is suitable for the use of electric motor massager, because the high-speed vibration can accelerate the decomposition of fat. For sedation and pain relief,. 

Selection of massager, should choose the appearance of smooth and beautiful, no injury, grip feel good, not easy to slip off. In addition, you should also purchase products with a variety of different massage head to adapt to different parts of the massage.


Hand massager working principle is actually relatively simple, although it seems to be a simple structure, but the experience to people is unexpected and ahead of its time, which reflects the wisdom of the inventor. And for consumers of us, in the purchase of hand massager, should purchase the products produced by the regular manufacturers, so as to use the peace of mind.

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