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How to buy the right neck massage instrument

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How to buy the right cervical massager for your own use, neck massager recommended that consumers should do some simple research on the massager market before buying. For example, survey cervical massager, neck massager what brand, price and sales, customer feedback, have a good idea to be able to buy good need cervical massager, neck massager.

neck massager

1, massager from the form: divided into active massager and passive massager. Generally we see in the market electronic massager are passive massage, the biggest advantage is that as long as plugged into the power supply, you can lie or sit, comfortable massage. The active massager refers to the need for human initiative with the use of massagers, such as massage combs, wooden massagers, etc., the need for human action with it to complete, its advantage is to be able to achieve the dual effect of massage movement, from a certain point of view is also a good choice.

2, from the source of energy used by the massager on the open view: divided into energy-consuming massager and natural massager. As mentioned above, most of the passive massagers are energy-consuming massagers, massage pillows, massage chairs, footbaths, etc., it needs to consume electricity to complete the massage. The advantage is the ease of use. The natural massager refers to the instrument that does not consume energy to complete the massage, such as the above-mentioned active massager. This kind of massager is more green.

3, from the energy radiated by the massager can also be distinguished as: infrared massager, electromagnetic massager, vibration massager, etc.. Among the electromagnetic massager in the use of the use must be clear, to avoid some harm to the body.

Consumers in the purchase of massagers must choose a large brand or large shopping center to buy, so that the quality of the massager is guaranteed, in addition to the purchase of some instructions, certificate of conformity, warranty card, etc. should be complete, to avoid the use of the wrong operation leads to injury to the body.

neck massager

1, in general, should be based on the use of the purchase. For example, the general beauty care with the choice of portable soft tap cervical massager, and special medical or sports, should choose the strength of variable cervical massager better.

2, if often carry cervical massager out, should choose a lightweight handheld cervical massager.

3, the structure of the cervical massager must be convenient for cleaning, lubricating oil and other maintenance needs.

4, the noise of high and low is not a certain standard, even if there are provisions are measured by how many decibels, the general public can not easily determine whether it meets the requirements, the purchase can start the massager, listen to the noise level, if the sound is not excessively harsh, it is not a problem. If the sound is too loud, it is very detrimental to the treatment.

5, the strength of the variable cervical massager, massage adjustment to be easy. Strong position to have a clear high massage force, weak position to have a gentle feeling.

6, the cervical massager itself should be beautiful, intact, feel good when holding, not easy to slip off, and should come with a variety of massage head for different massage parts, for example, cylindrical massage head, disc-shaped massage head, plate massage head, round spherical massage head, horn-shaped massage head and hairbrush-shaped massage head.

7, according to the role of parts of the choice of cervical massager is also more reasonable. Because people some parts of the discomfort, often through massage can get obvious curative effect, so the purchase can be respectively according to their own special needs to buy back, hands and feet, face and other different types of massager or general massager.

8, cervical massager shell made of plastic and metal. Generally speaking, plastic shell light weight, good insulation, but not as durable as the metal shell. Metal shell massager, if there is no ground, the use of a chance of leakage, it may lead to electrocution accidents. Therefore, for safety reasons, it is best to choose a grounding device for the massager.


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