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  • The knowledge of massage neck
    Massage is very good for the treatment of diseases and relief of fatigue, massage of different parts of the body, the effect is also different. So, how to massage the neck? What should be noted in the neck massage? What are the contraindications of cervical massage? How to massage the neck 1. Use t
  • How to buy the right neck massage instrument
    How to buy the right cervical massager for your own use, neck massager recommended that consumers should do some simple research on the massager market before buying. For example, survey cervical massager, neck massager what brand, price and sales, customer feedback, have a good idea to be able to b
  • Which people are not recommended to use massage cushions
    The use of massage cushions can play a good role in relaxing our body muscles, so in life many office workers or some on the station and other people will choose to use some massage cushions to help our muscle relaxation, but the use of massage cushions for a long time, then it will also have a cert
  • What are the methods of using massage cushions?(1)
    Massage cushion, mainly used for massage neck, back, hip small massage chair, most placed on the sofa or chair to use, because of the small multifunctional and popular. Massage cushion using mechanical rolling power effect and mechanical force squeeze to massage, manual massage can unblock meridians

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