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How to choose the shoulder massager

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Now more and more people suffer from occupational diseases, especially those who look forward to working in the office, whenever the work is done, the whole body is very sore, this time you need to relax their tired body and sore muscles, and shoulder massager can play a big role. Next, I will introduce the shoulder massager selection method and shoulder massager use matters.

Shoulder Massager

Shoulder massager selection method

1, look at the appearance of the shape is beautiful, after starting the massager can listen to whether there is noise, low noise quality is better.

2, feel the massage effect, open the "strong" switch on the massage parts, whether to feel a significant stronger vibration; open the "weak" switch, whether to feel a slight mild vibration.

3, check whether the switch button is flexible, reliable, whether the matching complete. Massager workmanship is fine.

The principle of shoulder massager

Shoulder massager, is the use of human engineering mechanics and the principle of Chinese medicine meridian science, after a lot of practice by researchers to produce a product to relieve body aches and pains. It can be automatically heated through the power supply or physical action, and designed to produce a warm pounding function simulating a human hand to provide a comfortable enjoyment like a real massage.


The role of shoulder massager

Shoulder massager, can relieve shoulder and back pain caused by work pressure or household chores, can improve the shoulder pain caused by night sleep pillow, can also promote blood circulation through massage, relieve the local pain caused by poor circulation of blood and Qi over the years, can also burn fat, help to lose weight, shape the body curve. Shoulder massager benefits really a lot, but must be used consistently, long-term use, the effect will be better.

The scope of application and type of shoulder massager

Shoulder massager has a wide range of people, including long-term use of computer workers, myopic eyes, management, driving, high pressure workers, the elderly, minor insomnia, sports strain injury and so on. With the improvement of people's quality of life, the continuous progress of social science, shoulder massager is also developing, there are many types of shoulder massager on the market, including digital display type, LED display type, sand aggravated type, hydrogel aggravated type, mineral salt aggravated type, heating type, etc., really a variety!


Now, we have a shoulder massager is not a general understanding of it?

Shoulder Massager

Shoulder massager use matters

1. Prohibit the use in the bath, in wet places can not be used.

2. can not be close to the electric heater or other heat sources when running.

3. if the shoulder massager fell into the water, to immediately unplug the power.

4. can not run in places where there is no air circulation, such as: under the sheets or pillows, which will make the machine heat caused by fire, electric shock, etc.

5. if the shoulder massager in the use of the skin inflammation, to immediately stop using.

6. for patients with high blood pressure, heart disease, pregnant women and other patients, it is best not to use.

7. to prevent children from using alone.

8. can not be placed directly on the shoulder massager head, breast, knee joint massage, to avoid damage to the body.

9. can not be used immediately after meals, it is best to drink 150 cc of water first, and 250 cc of water after massage. Advocate the use of no more than 30 minutes each time.

In summary: about shoulder massager selection method and shoulder massager use matters are introduced here, I hope it will help you.

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