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How to maintain the massage pillow

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The method of maintaining the massage pillow is very simple, in use to lightly push the switch, avoid excessive force, heavy pressure or sharp hard objects stabbing the surface of the massage pillow; after use to be properly stored, the massage pillow in the original box or dry low-temperature place; if in the process of using the discovery of the failure can not be ruled out, please immediately cut the power to stop using to ensure safety.

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Massage pillow maintenance methods

1. daily maintenance, please use neutral detergent and soft cloth scrubbing, do not use machine oil, organic solvents or other chemicals to clean, and do not rinse in water.

2. to prevent water or other corrosive liquids into the machine failure, damage to the machine.

3. the operation of lightly push the switch, avoid excessive force. Avoid heavy pressure, avoid stabbing hard objects scratching the surface of the massage pad.

4. after use, please store properly, can be placed in the original box or dry low temperature place.

5. in use, such as the discovery of non-excludable fault, please immediately cut off the power, stop using, and the company to repair, please do not disassemble yourself.

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How to choose a massage pillow

1. according to their own sleep habits to choose

A person's sleep habits to determine the height of the pillow also has an impact on the habit of sleeping on their backs, the height of the pillow should be compressed and their fist height (fist tiger mouth to. On the height of the fist high standard) equal to appropriate. And people who are used to sleeping on their side, the pillow height should be compressed and their own shoulder width height is the same as appropriate. Of course, whether sleeping on your back, side sleep can maintain the normal physiological curvature of the neck pillow is the most ideal.

2. the pillow to how high is appropriate

Usually, the height of the pillow 10 ~ 15 cm more appropriate, but the specific size of each person's physiological characteristics, especially the physiological curvature of the neck. Shoulder wide body fat pillow can be slightly higher, while the thin people can be slightly lower. Generally speaking, people suffering from hypertension, heart disease, asthma sometimes need to sleep on a high pillow; people suffering from hypotension, anemia sometimes need to sleep on a low pillow.

3. the pillow is soft or hard

Pillow should choose a slightly softer, but not lose a certain type of hardness, - on the one hand, can reduce the pressure between the pillow and the scalp, on the other hand, and maintain the uneven pressure, so that the blood can be passed from the pressure of a smaller place. Pillow as long as a little Elasticity can be, elasticity will cause fatigue and injury to the neck muscles.

4. the pillow can not choose too low

If you do not drink water before going to bed, but wake up and find facial swelling, this may be the pillow is too low, causing slight congestion of blood in the head The result. The pillow is too low, so the jaw will be lifted upward, easy to open mouth breathing, snoring situation.

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