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How to take good care of your knees in winter

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In winter, due to the cold climate blood circulation becomes slower, the end of the limbs and joints lack of muscle fat protection parts are easy to cold, the knee is one of them, although the body does not feel cold, but the joint parts hand touch is cold, some people feel joint pain at rest or in the morning, accompanied by joint inflexibility, stiffness.

There are many reasons for cold knees, such as impaired peripheral circulation, lack of calcium and iron and other minerals and some vitamins, lack of exercise, lack of attention to warmth, cold physique, etc. Many women wear only a thin layer of winter legs, do not pay attention to warmth, and often wear high heels on the knee is not good, so women should pay more attention to the protection of the knee.

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The following small teach you a few tricks to take care of the knee joint, to help you stay away from the symptoms of cold knees.

1, pay attention to keep warm

The knee joint encounters cold, vasoconstriction, blood circulation becomes poor, often making the pain worse, so in cold weather should pay attention to warmth, if necessary, wear knee pads to prevent the knee joint from getting cold. During the day, you can wear thicker clothes and pants, and locally you can wear a knee brace with the right amount of elasticity. At night, you can use cotton and cotton cloth to make a long thick trouser tube and wear it at the knee joint. The trouser tube should not be too tight, as long as it is comfortable, and both ends should be gently tied with a cotton belt so that it does not loosen.

2, when the knee is cold, rub the point of Fu Hare

The Fu Hare point belongs to the foot Yangming stomach meridian, is good at dispelling wind and dampness, activating the meridians, dispersing cold and relieving pain. The main treatment for back pain and knee cold, lower limb paralysis. When the knee is cold and painful, you can use your thumb to rub the Fu Hare point, so that the local soreness and swelling is obvious and there is heat going down. Moxibustion can also be applied to enhance the therapeutic effect. (The foxholes are on the lateral thigh, on the line between the anterior superior iliac spine and the outer edge of the patella, 6 inches above the outer upper edge of the patella.)

3, do not touch cold water

Rheumatoid arthritis patients should always pay attention to the weather forecast, when the cold wave or weather changes to strengthen the cold to keep warm, and as far as possible, do not contact with cold water. Experts especially reminded some beautiful ladies, in the cold weather do not wear skirts, some rheumatoid knee arthritis, in fact, is also a freezing out of the "skirt disease", when the temperature is lower than 16 ℃, we must promptly add clothes, and even to wear knee brace, to protect the knee joint.

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4, reasonable diet

More vitamin E, more food containing niacin and B vitamins, can expand the peripheral blood vessels. Eat more warm foods such as nuts and carrots, and avoid eating cold foods, ice products or drinking cold drinks. Eating spicy foods such as chili, pepper, mustard, etc. can promote blood circulation. Insist on eating on time, do not be partial, excessive weight loss, let the body store some moderate amount of fat, can help maintain body temperature.

5, hot compress

Hot compresses have the effect of dilating blood vessels, improving local blood circulation, promoting local metabolism, and also relieving muscle spasms, relaxing nerves, and improving tendon flexibility. Hot compress is divided into dry hot compress and wet hot compress. Dry hot compresses are hot water bags applied to the knee for 20-30 minutes each time, 1-3 times a day. Wet heat compress is a towel or gauze dipped in a basin of hot water, remove and wring to half dry, put on the knee, and then cover a cotton pad to prevent heat loss, change every 5 minutes, compress 20-30 minutes, 1-3 times a day.


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