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How to use the hand massage instrument

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When the work is heavy, many people like to do massage, however, to go outside the massage store to massage not only the cost is relatively high, usually busy when there is not enough time to massage, so do not prevent yourself from buying a massage instrument, often engaged in some manual workers, the hands will be more tired, then let us understand the use of hand massage instrument and the advantages of what is it?

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Hand massage instrument - hand massage instrument use method

1. hand massage instrument to produce far infrared rays, can quickly make the hand cream nutrition skin, hand care nutrients rich in nutrients penetrate into the deep tissue inner layer of the hand skin, activate tissue cell regeneration, improve microcirculation, strengthen the skin nutrition, lock water and moisturizing, prevent the skin from drying fine lines, shrink pores, restore the elasticity of the hand skin, so that the hand skin slim and meticulous, white in red.


2. left and right palm acupuncture points, placed at the powerful high-frequency vibration massager, pure physical heat therapy and massage can promote blood circulation throughout the body, dredge the whole body meridians, improve human immunity.


Use A, clean hands, smear the usual habit of hand nutrition. B, choose the appropriate heating or massage. C, wear disposable gloves, and then put your hands into the beauty of hand treasure R (3-4 times / week; 15-25 minutes / time).


hand massager

Hand massage instrument-Hand massage instrument advantages

Hand massager advantages: 1. Significant efficacy: 6 minutes to whiten hands, can be easily imported into the beauty salon; free trial can bring popularity to the salon, increase the income of the salon; because of the uniqueness of the product, can be used as a distribution product to promote existing product sales.


2. Because of the constant heating and hands vibration massage double effect in one, use six minutes that have obvious effect. Low investment cost: it only needs more than 300 yuan, you can easily carry out the beauty hand project in the beauty salon. Easy to use: especially easy to use, electricity can be.


3. reduce salon operating costs: save the salon to do waxing and massage labor. (Such as a technician monthly salary of 1000 yuan, annual savings of 12,000 yuan).


The above is a detailed answer to the use and advantages of the hand massage instrument, usually do hand labor workers are more tired, you may want to try the massage together, the cost of investment is relatively low, it is more convenient to use. Hand massage can be done at any time. Our hands also have a lot of acupuncture points, only good massage work to ensure the health of the body.

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