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Introduction to the function principle of eye massager

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Our eyes will become very fatigued after a long time reading books, using computers and looking at cell phones. Nowadays, there are more and more myopic and farsighted eyes in the society, and the eye massage protection project can't be delayed. The appearance of the eye care instrument brings us a gospel. After putting on the eye care device, the massage effect of the eye care device will promote the blood circulation of our eyes, which is very good for our eyes.

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The role of eye care device - applicable functions

According to the high and low contour of the eye and the distribution of different acupuncture points carefully designed, there are 26 fingertip massage contacts, and set into the efficient medical rare earth permanent magnet alloy neodymium iron boron, can produce the best magnetic flux.

Headache, eye redness and swelling, blurred vision, corneal white spots, keratitis, facial nerve palsy, eye muscle paralysis, migraine, enlightenment, refractive error, optic nerve atrophy, draining wind and clearing currents, nourishing water and brightening eyes, acute and chronic corneal fire, wind and tears, retinitis, trigeminal neuralgia, rhinitis and nasal congestion eliminate visual fatigue / eye bags / dark circles, reduce wrinkles.

Beauty spot / revitalize the eye skin, usually if you can massage the eye "fish waist", "silk bamboo", "Cheng sob" and more than 20 points, can strengthen the eye cell metabolism, stop the skin aging and degeneration, so that the eye skin is more energetic and elastic.

Eye massage can effectively improve the microcirculation of eye tissue, enhance eye skin cell metabolism, make the eyes bright and clear, clear vision, prevent myopia and relieve visual fatigue.


Inhibit neurasthenia / improve sleep, massage to promote facial blood circulation, reduce blood pressure in the brain, relax the brain nerves, improve insomnia caused by excessive use of the brain and neurasthenia, to achieve the effect of the pleasant brain, refreshing.

eye massager

The role of eye care instrument - the principle of action

According to modern biomagnetism, traditional Chinese medicine meridian science and Chinese medicine cosmetology treatment principle, combined with modern electronic technology refined. Through the pulse magnetic field and acupuncture point massage act together on the important points around the eyes, stimulate and exercise the optic vertebrae cells and optic nerve.

Meridian dredging, harmonize the qi and blood, improve eye blood microcirculation, promote metabolism, relieve eye fatigue, restore the elasticity of the ciliary muscle, so that your eyes restore the aura.

Eye massage instrument is a very hot eye massage products in recent years, the role of Dr. De eye massage instrument many people are not very convinced, people say it can treat myopia, many people do not believe, in fact, eye massage instrument for myopia is a certain relief, what are you waiting for, go check it out.


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