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Is eye massager harmful to the eyes?

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Eye massager is a physical massage device, there is no drug ingredients, so the proper use will not cause harm, but improper use or overuse, hard to stimulate the eye, there will be harm. Eye massager soothing effect is different from person to person, and also according to the specific symptoms of the user, but most of the eye massager, eye fatigue and other symptoms can play a role in relieving, the prevention of vision problems also have a certain effect. Consumers use, as long as the instructions for standardized operation, there will be no harm.

The eye massager is based on traditional Chinese medicine meridian science and some skin care methods, the integration of modern science and technology in the microbial magnetism for the. At first, Chinese medicine has always felt that our body is composed of many meridians and veins, and the eye area is not excluded.


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Therefore, by incorporating this basic principle, the single pulse electromagnetic field is used to transmit vibrations to some of the larger acupuncture points around the inner corners of our eyes, allowing our eyes to be stimulated and our eyes to be relieved. After the application of the eye massager, it will make our eyes around the plurality of transmission, the basic metabolism will also accelerate, especially in the case of eyes feel tired with greater practical effect.


What are the effects of the eye massager?


1. prevention of myopia, beauty care around the eyes


Three times a day, each time three to five minutes to apply eye massager, can reasonably improve the blood circulation of eye tissue, enhance the ciliary body's ability to adjust the work, stimulate the periocular body cell tissue, oxygenation and pulse, reasonable relief of visual fatigue, prevention of myopia, beauty care around the eyes, clear eyes into the mind.


2. clear eye fatigue, reduce eye and human brain fatigue, to prevent "computer eye disease"


Every time you close your eyes wearing eye massager for three to five minutes, can make the gaze and extraocular muscles sufficient to release pressure, reduce eye pressure, quickly remove excessive eye pain, swelling and pain, dryness, fear of light and blurred vision and other diseases.


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3. remove dark circles, eye bags, reduce eye wrinkles


Daily persistent application of eye massager five to ten minutes, you can help remove the puffiness and dark circles under the eyes because of poor rest and poor blood circulation system, enhance the basic metabolism of the cells around the eyes. It also helps to smooth out the lines around the eyes and make the skin in the inner corners of the eyes more radiant and ductile.


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