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More massage can actually relieve knee pain

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The following are some of the common causes of knee pain.

1. Periprosthetic ligament injury Knee ligaments are relatively less stable when the knee is slightly flexed, and if a sudden external force causes valgus or valgus at this time, it may cause medial or lateral collateral ligament injury. Patients will have a clear history of trauma, knee pain, swelling, ecchymosis, and limited motion.

2. Synovitis of the joint may result in a large amount of fluid accumulation after injury to the synovial membrane due to trauma or overexertion, resulting in increased pressure in the joint, leading to joint pain, swelling, pressure pain, and a frictional sound.

Traumatic arthralgia is caused by trauma to the joints of the shoulder, wrist, knee, ankle, etc. without a serious injury such as a fracture.

4. The onset of knee arthritis is mostly after the age of 40. Joint pain is more severe in the morning, but tends to be less severe during the day and night. Bone growth and bone spurs in the joint can cause pain in the joint by rubbing against the surrounding tissue.

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The knee is one of the more complex flexion joints in the body, carrying almost all of the body weight.

With age, and the health needs of running, hiking, climbing and other activities, will cause some damage to the knee joint, once the pain will seriously affect the life and work of patients, so the massage techniques to protect the knee joint is particularly important!

Keep your knees warm, sometimes knee pain can be caused by rheumatoid arthritis, especially in the cold season, the knee joint often feels very cold and accompanied by severe pain.

If this happens, you must do a good job of keeping your knees warm. Using knee pads, wearing warm pants, and putting baby warmers on the knee can effectively reduce the pain caused by the cold invading the knee.

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Eat more calcium-rich foods

As we get older, we lose calcium, which can lead to osteoporosis and joint pain. If you have frequent knee pain, you should add calcium-rich foods to your daily diet to strengthen your bones, avoid bone loss and increase bone flexibility.

Start proper exercise after rehabilitation

Knee pain occurs, and when the knee injury is recovered, it is also important to maintain proper exercise. It can increase the stability of the knee joint, which is good for the recovery of the condition. Slow walking, walking and swimming can give the muscles and ligaments around the knee joint a good workout during normal times, and you can engage in similar exercises more often. It is important to note that exercise must be moderate, do not overexert yourself and aggravate the condition.


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