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Notes on the use of knee massager

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Electronic massager belongs to a kind of external auxiliary function equipment, than oral products side effects to know more, but experts still remind the majority of consumers do not use massager indiscriminately. What about the knee electronic massager hazards?

Massager once improper use, it will aggravate or induce disease, the elderly must not rely on it excessively, not to mention that it can not be used as a means of treatment. Usually electronic massager to high-frequency mechanical vibration on the human body for stimulating massage.

knee massager

According to the different principles of vibration, electronic massager can be divided into electromagnetic and electric type two. Electric massager due to the higher vibration frequency, vibration intensity is weak, more suitable for health care massage and elderly people use; and electromagnetic massager due to the slow vibration frequency, vibration intensity is higher, and therefore more suitable for sports massage and young people use.

Electronic massager in the elderly fasting, full stomach, drunkenness and after strenuous exercise are strictly prohibited to use, otherwise it will further accelerate the blood flow, stomach smooth muscle peristalsis enhanced, easy to cause nausea, vomiting, chest tightness, shortness of breath and other discomfort. Elderly people should not use the massager for the first time too long, it is best to try 10-15 minutes, and later can gradually increase to half an hour.

Although electronic massager has a good health care function, but consumers in the use of the instructions must follow the use of the method, before buying must consult experts, do not use electronic massager in order to catch up with the trend.


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