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Regular use of massage pillow is harmful to your body?

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Different from the artificial massage, the market massage class equipment, such as neck, waist massager, and massage the whole body, massage chair, etc., at most can imitate the human kneading, kneading, grasping, pressing and other actions, can play a relaxation of the muscles, promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue, and can not be targeted to a point on the body massage, and if the strength is not properly controlled, may also be counterproductive.

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For people who can use the massager, it is important to note that people should pay attention to the gradual use of the massager, read the instructions carefully before use, especially the precautions and applicable population.

The elderly first use of massage equipment, it is best to let young people first try 10 minutes, feel the intensity and comfort, adjust to the appropriate position before use; and, the elderly should be based on the body, try to choose local or acupressure equipment, to soft, comfortable degree.

Not recommended for the following three groups of people with underlying diseases of the body will be used to massage health care equipment to treat diseases.

1. cervical spine, lumbar spine suffering from basic diseases of the elderly. Such elderly people's spine for a long time to bear the pressure of the upper part of the body, often slightly deformed, there may be nerve roots because of long-term compression caused by numbness of the skin of the hands and feet, if improper massage, it may cause its symptoms aggravated, or even paralysis.

2. Due to trauma caused by human joints, muscles and other local inflammation, redness and swelling is not recommended massage. Because of the existence of combined wounds, massage may lead to the healing of small blood vessels and other cracking, resulting in increased symptoms.

3. For the elderly with cardiovascular disease, the use of neck and shoulder massager, if the frequency is too high, may cause blood flow accelerated, the carotid sinus is over-stimulated, resulting in a sudden drop in blood pressure, dizziness, and even sudden fainting.

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There are two other cases are also not suitable for the use of massager. Thin body people subcutaneous fat is thin, if the massager directly massage its joint parts, easy to stimulate the periosteum, resulting in periosteal injury, sterile inflammation, etc.; people in fasting, full stomach, drunkenness and after strenuous exercise, not suitable for the use of massager.

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