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The advantages of hand massage instrument introduction

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Hand massage means that according to the arm of the human body acupuncture points, extra meridian points, arm holographic projection foot reflex zones and other locations, carry out tui na and other different ways of stimulation, in order to do meridian unblocking, benefit qi and blood, and then to achieve health care and health, in addition to disease and strengthen the body and other purposes. Hand massage method is in China's traditional Chinese medicine treasures, is the various generations of Chinese medicine according to a lot of clinical care to explore a small conclusion out of a doctor's techniques.

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The role of hand massage.


1, the actual effect is remarkable


Hand massage can be conducive to the deposition of the body's endotoxins out of the body, improve physical discomfort, and promote the body rehabilitation treatment. If you can choose the right arm reflex zones, acupuncture points can be carried out on the relative organs to stimulate sex, more immediately than the treatment with drugs. Therefore, hand massage has a more prominent improvement of the actual effect.



Hand massage does not need to inject drugs, but also do not need to rely on medical machinery, if a simple massage stick or a pair of hands can do, if then with each other with drug treatment, it is completely able to have the efficacy of seeing the disease.

3、High safety factor


Practice experience hand massage is the greater characteristics of the safety factor is high, true to ensure the safety of non-toxic side effects, in line with the actual present-day medical community in favor of "non-invasive medicine" and "massage therapy" provisions.


4, common sense


Hand massage will not be limited by the time, indoor space, natural environment, standards, and has the advantages of easy to understand, easy to grasp, easy to actually operate, in addition to the hand reflex zones and acupuncture points feel significant, accept the stimulating surface, resulting in more physiological effects, and therefore suitable for social development of social class personnel to learn training and application, and is easy to be marketing promotion.


5、Preventing from the future


Arms is a true picture of physical health, the actual operation is appropriate not only to remove disease and strengthen the body, health care to prolong life, but also to test the physical condition of the body, so that we can grasp the role of the internal organs of the human body at any time, is a reasonable reference for diagnosis of diseases in Chinese medicine. If you can respond to changes in the human body can be predicted early, to ensure early detection, early treatment. Then how to carry out the disease test according to the arm? The following article will carry out a detailed explanation.


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The efficacy of hand massage.


Hand massage can prevent and alleviate dozens of diseases, such as headache, toothache, gas, diarrhea, etc., usually pushing a few times will be able to appear significant practical effects. In addition, hand massage for chronic diseases also has a good complementary therapeutic effect, such as hypertension, insomnia, prostate enlargement, etc., if long-term persistent massage, coupled with effective clinical treatment, will also have a miraculous effect.

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