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The function of the foot massager

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There are many types of massagers, we will choose when we want to massage the parts of the selection, so as to have a better massage effect. Foot massager is a very popular small massager, its role is mainly the following points.

Feet in the human body is the farthest from the heart, if the feet end circulation disorders, it is easy to lead to poor blood circulation, which leads to poor metabolism, the whole body tissue and organ function decline. Foot massage can make the blood circulation of the foot smooth, promote blood circulation throughout the body, accelerate the body's metabolism, replenish nutrients, so that your body healthy, normal operation.  

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There are six of the twelve meridians in the human body that reach the feet, namely the foot three yin meridian (foot Taiyin spleen meridian, foot Turk's Yin liver meridian, foot Shao Yin kidney meridian), foot three yang meridian (foot Yangming stomach meridian, foot Shao Yang bile meridian, foot Sun bladder meridian). Through the foot scraping massage treatment, it can unblock the meridians, relieve the pain, regulate and restore the function of human internal organs, so that the dysfunction of the internal organs can be repaired and adjusted, and then achieve recovery.


1. The use of foot massager can promote human blood circulation, promote the body's metabolism, so that our body becomes better, but also to improve the user's sleep, insomnia also has a better therapeutic effect.


2. The soles of the feet have many points, massage different points can play a different role. Regular use of foot massager, can also prevent and improve hypertension, rheumatic pain.


3. people with knee joint pain, you can also use the foot massager, persist for a period of time, will improve the pain of the knee joint condition.

4. Can relieve users of leg edema, varicose veins and leg paralysis. People who stand for a long time, can use the foot massager when resting to relieve the symptoms of leg discomfort.


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5. The use of foot massager can also help the user's leg qi and blood flow, to prevent the occurrence of gout. Regular use of foot massager to help the legs better blood flow.


The human foot has many acupuncture points, often massage these points can improve the body's condition. The use of foot massager can help us to improve the condition of our body, so that our body becomes more healthy.


After understanding the role of the foot massager, is not also want to hurry to buy one to use it? Good products should be well used up, foot massager is what we can choose to use, so that the body is more healthy, a good way to be sure to try.


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