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  • Can leg massager really slim legs?

    With the accelerated pace of life, after a day of busy, people's legs and feet will have different degrees of fatigue, and with it, there are also leg massagers. Leg massager is driven by electric motor or electromagnetic vibration to achieve massage, hammering, swinging, vibration and other massage

  • The function of the foot massager

    There are many types of massagers, we will choose when we want to massage the parts of the selection, so as to have a better massage effect. Foot massager is a very popular small massager, its role is mainly the following points.

  • History of Foot Massager(2)

    During the Song Dynasty, due to the constraints of rituals, foot massage gradually disappeared. To the Ming Dynasty, many medical doctors regarded it as a good way to maintain health, the famous Ming Dynasty medical doctor Li Shizhen in the "eight veins of the Qi Jing examination" pointed out that "cold from the feet", so the feet as the fundamental source of treatment. One of the secrets of longevity of Sun Simiao, the king of medicine, is to rub the soles of the feet every day, focusing on the Yongquan point.

  • History of Foot Massager(1)

    Foot massager, is very familiar and familiar name, in China has its long history of development, so in the elaboration of the foot massager before, we need to understand the history of the development of foot massage.

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