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The importance of shoulder and neck care

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Massage is a very good effect method, for many types of cervical spondylosis it can treat, but also beautify the shoulder line, today asked experts to give you an introduction to the benefits of shoulder and neck massage. I hope friends can understand.

1. Improve circulation: frequent massage of the cervical spine area can improve the patient's blood circulation and metabolism, so that nutrition can be supplied in a timely manner, which can ensure the health of the neck and keep patients away from the harm of disease.

2. accelerate the flow of lymph: often massage for cervical spondylosis patients can play a role in accelerating the flow rate of lymph, which plays a role in the recovery of the patient's body, and can also help the dissipation and absorption of tissue hematoma and edema, which is directly related to the recovery of the body.

3. other: through massage treatment of cervical spondylosis, can make the patient's skin tissue warming, for the development of metabolism will also accelerate, conducive to the recovery of damaged tissues, can also restore the normal relationship between the joints, to eliminate pain, restore function, massage can relieve cervical spondylosis muscle spasm, reduce the adverse symptoms on the body fall persecution.

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Pay attention to sitting posture

For office workers who are prone to back and leg pain, the first thing you should pay attention to sitting. The correct sitting posture is, chest up, two shoulders down, lumbar spine straight, abdominal muscles hip muscle contraction, two feet flat. Waist and thighs to form 90 degrees, thighs and calves to form 90 degrees. Eyes and the computer or television midpoint down about 15 degrees angle, low desktop adjustable computer chair, short people available foot pad.

Change your posture at regular intervals

The prevalence of low back pain is proportional to the degree of concentration of work, one of the important measures to prevent and control low back pain is to change posture regularly, fix a posture of time do not exceed 40 minutes. The lumbar part of the chair is best cushioned with a small pillow, which can be removed every once in a while, which can also achieve the effect of changing the position of the waist.

Do not front bow bending waist lifting heavy objects

This will easily squeeze the intervertebral disc forward. It is best to keep your waist straight when picking things up, you can squat before picking things up to reduce the degree of bending.

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Reduce the intake of acidic food

Such as: refined rice, white flour, white sugar, peanuts, chicken, duck, fish, shrimp, eggs, alcohol, shellfish, etc. Whether a food is acidic or alkaline is not distinguished by taste, but depends on the type and amount of elements contained in the food. The acidity or alkalinity of food can be known by measuring the aqueous solution of residual ash using the combustion method. In general, acidic foods are those that contain inorganic salts that can form acids in the human body, such as phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine and other elements that can make body fluids behave as acidic.

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