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Use knee massager to take care of your knees after exercise

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People with knee osteoarthritis feel pain in their knee joints. Most patients want to relieve the pain but do not know how they should do it. Some people, on the other hand, believe that playing tai chi is a way to relieve knee pain.

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So, can playing tai chi relieve knee arthritis pain?

Playing tai chi is not going to relieve knee pain. When playing taijiquan, it is often done in the leg position of a horse stance. The knee joint is in a bent position, when the knee joint is still under a lot of pressure, which can easily lead to the onset of knee arthritis.

Moreover, when playing Taijiquan, the knee is weighted for a long time, and bending the weight increases the pressure it needs to bear, leading to an increase in pain. It is recommended to reduce the burden on the knee joint when it is in pain. So also do not perform weight-bearing exercises such as stair climbing or mountain climbing.

There are many ways to relieve knee pain, such as: applying heat. To get rid of knee pain, you should protect your knees, first you need to control your weight and reduce the burden on your knees. Maintain the correct sitting or standing posture, do not maintain a posture for a long time.

Don't drink alcohol too often, and pay attention to keeping your knees warm, especially in the fall and winter months. Keep your knees warm by wrapping knee pads or cotton cloths around them and not exposing them to the cold wind. Reduce the number of times you climb stairs and walk downhill. You should exercise properly and do as little strenuous exercise as possible. Avoid injury, etc.

To protect your knees, you can also exercise to make them stronger and more durable. The following are ways to protect your knees.

1. Sitting leg raise

Sit in a chair with the knee at a certain distance from the seat, i.e., the knee is outside the range of the seat. Legs tense and maintain a horizontal state, and then hook the toes, if you feel the thigh muscles tense, then maintain the state, raise the legs for 30 seconds. Slowly put down, 5 seconds after repeating the above actions 10 to 20 times.

2. Still squat against the wall

The action is relatively simple, if you can adhere to do every day, after a period of time will feel the ligaments, muscle strength, knee joints are also more stable and strong. Back against the wall, the spacing between the feet for the width of the hips, squatting until the calves are 90 degrees to the ground, knees facing the front, not inside the buckle. When you feel soreness in your legs, stand and rest for half a minute, then repeat the movement four to six times.

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3. Standing back kick

The action requires the use of a chair. Standing, left hand holding the back of the chair, raise the right foot, keep the knee at an angle of 90 degrees (if you can not complete, try your best), hold for 10 seconds, then kick the leg backward. After repeating the high action 15 to 20 times, switch to holding the back of the chair with your right hand and repeat the above action with your left foot. Repeat the same number of times.

These three movements can make the joints stronger and more stable, so usually have time, you can try to try. Long-term adherence to these three movements as well as the protection of the knee, the knee will not be susceptible to pain.

To sum up, pain is one of the symptoms of knee osteoarthritis, to relieve the pain, you need to take the appropriate methods, such as: heat or ice packs. Playing tai chi will not help to relieve the pain. To get rid of the pain, you need to receive timely treatment, protect your knee, and exercise more to make your knee stronger. Three ways to protect the knee and exercise are mentioned above to learn more. Patients can also seek help from their doctor when they feel pain.


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