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What are the applicable people of shoulder massager

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Often busy in front of the computer. The busy work, so we have no time to take seriously relax our shoulders, the following I am a small compilation for you how to use shoulder massage equipment, simple three small movements, help you dare to go away shoulder fatigue.

Shoulder Massager

First, deep breathing shoulder relaxation method

When we are busy in front of the computer - after a while, appropriate a simple deep breathing, will make our shoulders get relaxed, eliminate fatigue. This is because when we take a deep breath will prompt the shoulder lack of pelvic peristalsis of this part, equivalent to a shoulder massage.

Second, conscious relaxation

When we are working, our shoulders will be involuntarily tense, which will lead to our shoulders in a long-term rigid state, the blood in this piece is not smooth, and will not get the nutrients brought by the blood, resulting in shoulder acid, this time we consciously relax the shoulders, so that the shoulders get rest, eliminate fatigue, restore shoulder vitality.

Third, protect your shoulder when you sleep

This is mainly for some friends like to sleep at night to reveal their shoulders to the quilters, in fact, this is a very bad habit, especially bad for our shoulder health, because in our shoulder there is a point called "lack of basin", this point is easy to suffer from wind and cold, causing shoulder pain, you need to seek medical advice or use the neck and shoulder massager to massage.

Shoulder Massager

First of all, the shoulder massager for people

Not all shoulder pain can be solved by shoulder massage, and not all people can apply shoulder massager and neck massager. So who are suitable for shoulder massager? We believe that the following people are more suitable for shoulder massager and neck massager.

1)Housewives who often deal with housework in a fixed position.

2)Long-term ambulatory work of personnel, such as white-collar workers, IT staff, etc.

3) work state often cause strain on the shoulder live neck live sore occupation, such as drivers, company testing

For example, drivers, company inspectors, sewing employees, etc.

4) often neck pain, shoulder pain (note that this part of the staff need to go to the hospital first to check.

Secondly, the shoulder massager and neck massager is not applicable to the crowd, because the intelligence of the neck massager and shoulder massager on the market is not very high, its massage strength and rate of coordination is not very good, sometimes the massage will feel stiff, so cervical spondylosis and shoulder disease personnel should promptly seek medical attention.

In addition to cervical spondylosis and shoulder disease, there are the following people do not apply to shoulder massager and neck massager.

1) Recently unwell, had surgery or neck and shoulder injuries, it is best not to use the shoulder massager and neck massager, if you do want to use, you need to consult a doctor.

2) Pregnant women and tumor patients should not use the neck massager.

3) Children can not use shoulder massager.

Third, the use of shoulder massager and neck massager precautions

1)Shoulder massager cannot be used during the rest and sleep process and within half an hour after eating.

2) After using the shoulder massager in order to promote the excretion of metabolic substances in the body, it is necessary to timely replenish the appropriate amount of plain Water, to 500cc is appropriate.

3) Each use of shoulder massager and neck massager should not exceed 10 minutes, to prevent the use of too long on the body The so-called too little is too late is also this reason, health care also has a "degree" in.

After understanding the above three points, I believe that the shoulder massager is useful for this problem, according to their own situation can also Do a judgment, because anything is not a panacea, only for their own is the best.

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