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What are the methods of using massage cushions?(1)

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Massage cushion, mainly used for massage neck, back, hip small massage chair, most placed on the sofa or chair to use, because of the small multifunctional and popular.

Massage cushion using mechanical rolling power effect and mechanical force squeeze to massage, manual massage can unblock meridians, so that the circulation of qi and blood, to maintain the balance of the body's yin and yang, so the massage can feel muscle relaxation, joint flexibility, so that people's spirits, eliminate fatigue, to ensure that the health of the body has an important role.

massage cushion

For people who sit and drive for a long time, massage can improve blood circulation, back pain and prevent diseases, improve sleep quality, relieve fatigue, improve posture and exercise a healthy body.

Massage cushion unique pounding, acupressure, patting three kinds of massage methods.  Microcomputer control, twenty minutes timing function, design lightweight suitable for home, office, car use. Elastic band fixing method suitable for any chair, the body close to the massage cushion (or sitting and lying), massage cushion began to work, and then press the part selection key to select the massage, such as waist, neck and shoulder, back, legs and other parts of the choice of fixed point, but also five parts of the work at the same time.

Some massage cushions are diversified, both for home and car use, in the drive fatigue, but also massage.


massage cushion

A. massage cushion use method


1. Plug in the power supply, the remote control of all the lights for the faint red light, that now for the state of power.


2. On key: press this key to turn on or off all functions.


3. Automatic key: press this key, open or close the back massage.


4. massage selection key: this key is divided into three areas, press the left for the lower back massage, the lower back indicator for the bright red: press the middle for the upper back massage, the last area indicator light off, the upper back indicator light for the bright red: press the right for the full back massage, the full back indicator light on the last area light off.


5. Infrared temperature moxibustion key: press this key, open or close the infrared temperature moxibustion function.


6. vibration massage key: press this key, open or close the price vibration massage function. The gradual change in the brightness of the indicator light represents a change in the intensity of vibration, the brighter the stronger the intensity, and vice versa.


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