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What is the working principle of hand massager

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Massager is the use of electricity to make the vibration of the massage head, the human body to massage the health care appliances. Massage is conducive to soothe the muscles and blood, eliminate fatigue and disease prevention. Electric massager is divided into two types of vibration electromagnetic and electric motor type; according to the use of bodybuilding, sports and medical.

hand massager

Massager principle

Electromagnetic massager is mainly composed of iron core (including fixed iron core and movable iron core), coil, vibration spring and massage head (Figure 1). Fixed iron core on the coil connected to the alternating current, that is, the alternating magnetic field, in the magnetic force and the role of vibration spring, the massage head repeatedly vibrate. Vibration frequency is generally 100Hz, the input power of 10 ~ 15W. Change the method of vibration strength, one is to change the core gap or current strength, one is to change the vibration frequency.

Massager main components

Electric motor type massager mainly by the motor, spring shaft, spring, eccentric wheel and massage head composition (Figure 2 ). Electric motor through the spring shaft drives the eccentric wheel high-speed rotation, eccentric wheel makes the massage head vibration. The motor is generally permanent magnet DC type, power 5 ~ 8W, speed 6000r/min; also available in AC and DC dual-use series excitation motor, speed is usually 5000 ~ 10000r/min. 

Because the vibration of the massage head directly affected by the eccentric wheel, so the vibration frequency value of the massage head is the speed value of the motor, change the speed of the motor to adjust the strength of the massage force. The structure of the electric motor type massager has a great impact on the massage effect, in order to ensure good action, noise reduction, should make the massage head and the motor shaft flexible connection is accurate and reliable, spring shaft elasticity is appropriate, shaft and bearing with the appropriate lubrication. Massager purchase common sense

hand massager

1, in general, should be based on the use of the purchase. For example, the general beauty care with the choice of handheld soft tap massager, and special medical or sports, should choose the strength of the massager is better than variable.

2, according to the role of parts of the choice of massager is also more reasonable. Because people some parts of the discomfort, often through massage can get obvious healing, so the purchase can be respectively according to their own special needs to buy back, hands and feet, face and other different types of massager or general massager.

3, if you often carry the massager out, should choose a lightweight portable massager.

4, the massager shell made of plastic and metal. Generally speaking, the plastic shell is light weight, good insulation, but not as durable as the metal shell. Metal shell massager, if there is no ground, the use of accidental leakage, it may lead to electrocution accidents. Therefore, for safety reasons, it is best to choose a grounding device for the massager.

5, the noise level, low at present there is no certain standard, even if there are provisions are measured by how many decibels, the general public can not easily determine whether the requirements, the purchase can start the massager, listen to the noise level, if the sound is not excessively harsh, it is not a problem. If the sound is too loud, the treatment is very unfavorable.

6, the strength of the massager variable, massage adjustment to be easy. Strong position to have a clear high massage force, weak position to have a gentle feeling.

7, the massager itself should be beautiful in appearance, intact, feel good when holding, not easy to slip off, and should come with a variety of massage head for different massage parts, for example, cylindrical massage head, disc-shaped massage head, plate massage head, round spherical massage head, horn-shaped massage head and hairbrush-shaped massage head.

8, the structure of the massager must be convenient for cleaning, adding lubricating oil and other maintenance needs.


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