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Working principle of shoulder massager

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In modern society, people's life is fast-paced, people often feel back pain, for people sitting in the office, the most painful suffering is the long-term face of the computer, the neck and shoulders for a long time in a rigid state, once relaxed, the neck and shoulders will be particularly sore, now there is a shoulder massager can solve this problem, many people do not understand the massager, in order to meet your needs, today I will share with you the working principle of the shoulder massager and its classification.

Shoulder Massager

Shoulder massager - the working principle of shoulder massager

Working principle of the massager is mainly composed of iron core (including fixed iron core and movable iron core), coil, vibration spring and massage head. When the coil on the fixed iron core is connected to the alternating current, it generates an alternating magnetic field, and the massage head vibrates repeatedly under the action of magnetic force and vibration spring. The vibration frequency is generally 100Hz, the input power is 10~15W. The method to change the vibration intensity, one is to change the core gap or current strength, one is to change the vibration frequency.

Shoulder massager - classification of shoulder massager

Massager from the form: divided into active massager and passive massager. In general, we see in the market electronic massager belong to passive massage, their biggest advantage is that as long as plugged into the power supply, you can either lie or sit, comfortable massage. The active massager refers to the need for human initiative with the use of massagers, such as massage combs, wooden massagers, etc., the need for human action with it to complete, the benefits of it is to be able to achieve the dual effect of massage movement, from a certain point of view is also a good choice.

From the source of energy used by the massager on the open view: divided into energy-consuming massager and natural massager. As mentioned above, most of the passive massagers are energy-consuming massagers, massage pillows, massage chairs, foot baths, etc., which requires the consumption of electricity to complete the massage. The advantage is the ease of use. The natural massager refers to the instrument that does not consume energy to complete the massage, such as the above-mentioned active massager. This kind of massager is more green.

From the energy radiated by the massager can also be distinguished as: infrared massager, electromagnetic massager, vibration massager, etc.. Among the electromagnetic massager in the use of the use of the method must be clear, to avoid some harm to the body.

Shoulder Massager

The above is my summary of the working principle of the shoulder massager and its classification, I hope it will be helpful to you. Shoulder massager can effectively relieve the stiffness caused by the shoulder, neck pain, circular pounding of sore parts can accelerate blood circulation, bringing a sense of comfort. But we must choose a massager suitable for you in the process of purchase, to avoid the discomfort caused by improper selection and aggravation of the affected part.

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