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The knowledge of massage neck

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Massage is very good for the treatment of diseases and relief of fatigue, massage of different parts of the body, the effect is also different. So, how to massage the neck? What should be noted in the neck massage? What are the contraindications of cervical massage? 

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How to massage the neck

1. Use the thumb and the two fingers, or the thumb and the remaining four fingers for relative force, in certain parts and points on a tight pinch, known as the method of taking. The force should be light and heavy, continuous and rhythmic, gentle and consistent, with the contact point in the finger belly and not in the fingertips, and the wrist relaxed.

Effect: with wind and cold, relaxing the tendons, relieve spasm, eliminate muscle swelling and mental fatigue: more applications in the cervical spine massage.

2. Use the thumb and the index and middle fingers, or the thumb and the remaining four fingers squeeze the skin with relative force, called the pinch method, the force required evenly and rhythmically.

Effects: With the function of relaxing the tendons and channels, moving the blood, regulating the spleen and stomach, commonly used in the head, waist and back, chest and extremities.

3. Use fingers, palms, elbows, etc. to press the body surface, called press method. The force should be light and heavy, steady and continuous, vertical down, do not use violence. The point of application should be fixed and not move.

Effect: Press the method is a strong stimulation techniques, sedation and pain relief, open the role of occlusion, relaxation of the muscles.

4. The thumb end of the ribbed surface or off peak as the point of force. One-finger Zen method forearm for active swing, driving the wrist swing and thumb joint flexion and extension activities, called one finger Zen push method. Shoulder, elbow, wrist and finger joints must be naturally relaxed, and the thumb should be absorbed on the skin, not rubbing and jumping. The force is even and deep, maintaining a certain pressure, frequency and swing range, frequency 120-160 times per minute.

5. Tool massage. Do not want to massage their own partners, you can also choose the tool massage method to carry out, there are many neck massage instruments on the market to choose from, can try a few more times to find their own comfortable style to buy it.

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6.Hot compress massage. Hot massage is more suitable for the family massage method. For families who have not understood the massage technique, this method is very efficient. First hot towel hot compress neck, and then a simple pinching, kneading action can help soothe the neck muscles.

Patients who often maintain the same posture for too long, it is recommended to insist on neck massage, if possible, you can go to the Chinese medicine museum or hospital for regular massage, which is very helpful to prevent cervical spondylosis. In addition, it should be noted that the neck position has a very important cervical spine joints, pay attention to control the strength of the massage, to avoid vigorous massage accidental injury to the cervical spine.

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