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Can leg massager really slim legs?

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With the accelerated pace of life, after a day of busy, people's legs and feet will have different degrees of fatigue, and with it, there are also leg massagers. Leg massager is driven by electric motor or electromagnetic vibration to achieve massage, hammering, swinging, vibration and other massage, with the promotion of blood circulation, improve muscle flexibility, reduce leg pressure and other effects. Let us go together to understand the leg massager it.

Leg massager has the function of beautifying leg lines, promoting blood circulation, stimulating important points, improving muscle flexibility, reducing foot/leg pressure, relieving tightness and pain after exercise, and improving overall physical and mental health.

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Our legs have many acupuncture points and are very sensitive, so proper tapping helps to promote blood circulation in the legs. Sitting on a yoga mat or bottom mat, one hand clenches a fist and gently pounds the thigh bile meridian (the location of the trouser leg line) 50 times each, you will feel some pain in the legs, but there is a burning sensation in the legs, which means that you are tapping correctly and has played a role.

Thigh massager or a little role, because the massage legs can eliminate edema, play the role of thin legs. Thigh massager to adhere to the daily use, you can massage before going to bed every day for about half an hour. From the ankle place to start using, you can slowly knock the muscles of the legs, encounter acupuncture points where you can massage more for a while, slowly knocking, to the thigh place, and then to the calf place back and forth massage. After the massage, you can use your hands to squeeze and relax, and then soak your feet in hot water to invigorate blood circulation and eliminate edema.

Heel acupressure function, massage the heel, can quickly relieve fatigue, the foot massage can be a good complementary role. Plantar roller scraping, can effectively cover the entire sole of the foot, a large area of foot scraping massage, and then with the foot surface airbag squeeze massage, can be a good three-dimensional foot massage, so as to effectively relieve foot fatigue.

Foot scraping massage function: with acupressure technology cleverly combined with the foot surface of the airbag package pressure, simulating the massage techniques of professional physiotherapists, especially for the heart of the foot roller and scraping massage, effectively eliminating the body's molecules, and with deep fixed-point acupressure function, comprehensive stimulation of the reflex zones on the soles of the feet to help the feet relax, while enhancing body functions and improving the immune system.

Toe vibration massage function: precise stimulation to the acupuncture points of each toe, through the meridian feedback to the corresponding organs of the lungs.


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