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Precautions when using the foot massager

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1. fasting, full stomach, after drinking and strenuous exercise should be avoided with cervical massager, especially strong impact massage, because this will further accelerate the blood flow rate, the stomach smooth muscle activity enhanced, the formation of aversion, vomiting, chest tightness, shortness of breath and other discomfort.

2. medical and surgical critical patients such as: severe heart disease, liver disease, lung disease patients, acute gastroduodenal ulcer, acute abdomen patients and various malignant tumor patients.

3. pregnant women and children should not use cervical massager pregnant women in the three yin jiao and other acupuncture points massage, will affect the normal development of the fetus; newborns more can not be massaged before the chimney door closed; children and adolescents are in a period of rapid growth and development, usually do not need or should not use cervical massager massage.


4. the weak physique can not withstand the effect of subtle methods, for example: long-standing illness, weakness, old age and frailty.

5, patients with sores, tumors in the parts of the body surface due to the impact of the movement at this time will make capillary expansion, partial increase in blood flow, resulting in the dispersion of the lesion and aggravate the disease.

6. Patients with open injuries, for example: patients recovering from vascular and nerve anastomosis.

7. fracture and joint dislocation in the early recovery period when the fracture or joint parts are damaged, the use of cervical spine massager, so that the muscle tension effect of bone displacement is difficult to recover, but is not conducive to the recovery of the disease.

8. there are serious infections such as: osteomyelitis, bone tuberculosis, septic arthritis, dermatitis, etc.

9. there are skin diseases and skin damage do not do the affected part of the massage, such as: eczema, ringworm, herpes, abscess, cellulitis, ulcerative skin disease, scalding, burns, etc..

10. there are blood diseases and bleeding tendencies, such as: pernicious anemia, purple spot disease, metal fixings in the body, fresh fractures and acute closed soft tissue injury early, etc. 11, the body is not well, such as: extreme fatigue, drunkenness, confusion, hunger and half an hour after meals and fever, should not do full-body massage; women during pregnancy and menstruation are not suitable for abdominal massage.



In the use of foot massager before you must confirm their physical condition. Before use, pay attention to understand the function of the foot massager, strength, frequency and other related settings, to determine the requirements of the foot massager on the voltage. Absolutely prohibit the use of wet hands plug, unplug the massager power, absolutely prohibit the use of foot massager in high humidity environment (such as the bathroom).

Found that the foot massager circuit part of the damage must immediately stop using, do not stand on the massager in the process of use. Children, elderly people who need to use the foot massager must be accompanied by someone, the body with a pacemaker and other electronic devices which prohibit the foot massager. Do not use the foot massager together with patients with tinea pedis, after the failure should be referred to the professional maintenance department for troubleshooting, do not disassemble.


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