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The role of leg massager

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First, the principle of leg massager.


Leg electric massager has the function of beautifying leg lines, promoting blood circulation, stimulating important acupuncture points, improving muscle flexibility, reducing the pressure on the feet/legs, relieving tightness and pain after exercise, and improving overall physical and mental health.


leg massager

Second, the intelligent leg massager function role.


1, the knee area massage function: reverse the use of massage toes and knees, surrounded by airbags, massage points around the knee from different angles, coupled with far-infrared heat function, can pass through the meridians, effectively improve rheumatism and other arthritic diseases.


2, calf parts massage function: leg airbag massage type calf for three-dimensional extrusion massage, through the air pressure circulation massage, stimulate a number of acupuncture points, relieve a number of calf muscle fatigue, stretching and relaxation of joint ligaments and reduce varicose veins in the calf, shaping the leg lines, and legs without spring stretch function, the use of different height of the population free adjustment.


3, thigh area massage function: high-end massage chair air pressure technology application, according to personal preferences 0-90 degrees personalized angle adjustment, extending from the calf to the thigh, through the air pressure closely squeeze and impact, soothe the thigh muscle tightness, beautify the leg lines, so that the thighs get timely relaxation.


4, foot scraping massage function: with acupressure technology cleverly combined with the foot surface of the airbag package pressure, simulating the massage techniques of professional physiotherapists, especially for the heart of the foot roller and scraping massage, effective exclusion of internal toxin, and with deep fixed point acupressure function, comprehensive stimulation of the reflex zones on the soles of the feet, help foot relaxation, while enhancing body functions, improve human immunity.


5, heel acupressure function: massage the heel, can quickly relieve fatigue, the foot massage can be a good complementary effect. Foot roller scraping, can effectively cover the entire foot, a large area of foot scraping massage, together with the foot surface airbag squeeze massage, can be a good three-dimensional foot massage, so as to effectively relieve foot fatigue.


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